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Houston Astros Preview

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The Astros are not a good team. They have a lot of young players that are coming into the Majors and they also have Clint Barmes as one of their starting infielders…not good. Can Carlos Lee bounce back? Can Hunter Pence continue to improve into one of the better young outfielders? Those are the questions that are being asked after the team traded away their two veterans last year. They have hope in their pitching. Wandy Rodriguez, Brett Myers, J. Happ, Bud Norris. Notexactly star studded, but there is hope for this young staff next year and beyond. Their offense, however, is really going to have problems getting things done this year.

The Astros won’t win many games this year. Honestly I think it might be time for a new last place finisher in the Central and the winner is…ding ding ding…you guessed it! Your Houston Astros!