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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 6/13/12

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By Steve Farace

So, I’m having a discussion with someone today that has worked at both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. We were talking about the difference in the customer base and according to her, there is a rather large gap in customers of each company. She told me that Starbucks customers are more stuck up (I think we all knew that part) and that they are quicker to get irate if their coffee is not made perfectly so. Dunkin customers (again, according to a former employee of both) will still get upset when their coffee isn’t made perfectly, but they are more the “don’t worry it’s not a big deal” kind of customer as opposed to Starbucks “can you just have someone else make my drink” customer. I thought it was interesting – I’m a Dunkin man myself…how about you?

So…did you guys catch that game 6 performance from Lebron against the Celtics? WOW! It was amazing to me, but what I liked more from Lebron was his quote about game 7 and how he would not regret it. He came through on his promise and the Heat took care of business at home in game 7 and the Celtics were sent on their summer long fishing trip.


That was then and this is now and the Finals are here! The Heat have a big adjustment to make from a very half-court minded (old) team in the Celtics to the run and gun Thunder. They found out the hard way last night that this Thunder team is fully capable of a man sized comeback (especially at home). It seems like they have been doing it all playoffs and they are now 9-0 at home. The Heat couldn’t ask for more out of Battier from a points perspective and the same can be said about Haslem and his rebounds. Where or where has Mike Miller gone?? He can’t buy a bucket these days and it really doing more harm than good out there. Coach Spo is going to have to inch a bit deeper into the bench if he wants to keep his guys fresh out there against this young Thunder team.

How about those Washington Nationals?? They just continue to roll and as of this point in time they are in first place with a 4 game lead over the Braves. They have won 5 in a row and have swept the Red Sox and are on the verge of sweeping the Blue Jays – both series on the road. Did you see that mammoth home run that Bryce Harper hit last night? The kid is good…he’s really good.

What’s going on in the world of the NFL? Ochocinco had an eventful week. He was release by the Patriots and then signed on with the Dolphins. I guess neither the Dolphins or Ochocinco have much to lose, do they? I just think that if he couldn’t bounce back with Tom Brady throwing to him, he doesn’t have much left in the tank.

Back to baseball – the Pirates were in first place! (And now they’re not again) Yeah, yeah, yeah I know they were in first place for a bit last year and then fell back to Earth, but this time it looks as though it could be for real. There lineup is starting to hit with more consistency (I’m talking to you Neil Walker) and their pitching continues to be very solid. Is this the year the Pirates finally finish above .500?? We shall see!

That’s about all for this week! Hope your hump day is going well and that you’re on your way to an enjoyable weekend! If I missed something or if you’d like to battle it out on something you didn’t agree with feel free to leave a comment!

Talk to you guys next hump day!