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Hump Day Thoughts On Sports – 7/12/17

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Hey all – Steve here.

It’s time for some Hump Day talk. What do I do as I am writing this glorious featured article that you all so patiently wait for each and every Hump Day? Well, that’s a great question. Currently I am watching an episode of Friends. It is the one where Phoebe is talking to George Costanza about his toner needs and he tells her that he wants to kill himself. For me it is a great episode as it features characters from both Friends and Seinfeld. What could be better than that? Fine. You probably thought of about 15 things that are better than that, but for me (at this very moment) nothing tops it. Well, maybe a nice order of french fries. Don’t judge me. Alright, that’s enough of this chat chit (yeah, I flipped it) so let’s get to it!

MLB All-Star Game Stuff

On Monday night in the homerun derby, NY ruled Miami again as Aaron Judge won the whole damn thing. It was supposed to be a Miami kind of night with Mike Stanton (yeah, I know) and Justin Bour in the derby and the hope was that it would boil down to Marlin vs Marlin. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint everyone (spoiler alert), but that just didn’t happen. I mean we all knew Judge was going to win, right? He is 6’7″ tall and weighs 282lbs. The man is a beast and I will put my money on him in any homerun derby…or the strong man contest for that matter,

The All-Star Game itself was an exciting 1 run game that concluded with us knowing that no matter which two teams reach the World Series, the AL team will have home-field advantage. That is thanks to Robinson Cano (former Yankee) and his extra inning homerun off of Cubs closer Wade Davis.

That’s All Folks

Listen, people. It is July 12th. You know it’s the MLB All-Star break, there is no NBA, no NFL and no hockey (if you’re into that kind of thing). There just ain’t that much sports around right now. I’m not going digging for stories – I have to save my sources for more important times of the year. Now that you are done with the entertainment portion of your evening, why not hit up some Netflix? Are you all caught up on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? The Defenders are coming. Not caught up on House of Cards? I don’t even want to know you.

Until next week, stay classy and remember that with great power comes great irresponsibility!