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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 7/18/12

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by Steve Farace

Loyalty – that’s a strong word isn’t it? It can be meant to describe many things in life. Maybe you are referring to your loyal pooch, Hammer. Maybe you are referring to your loyal and devoted husband or wife. What about being loyal to your job? Have you guys read the story about Marissa Mayer? She had worked with Google since 1999 – in fact she was their 20th employee. She has been working there for 13 years and it was just announced that she was leaving Google to become the new CEO of Yahoo! Now, Yahoo used to be one of Google’s main competitors, but is struggling, so I guess Mayer is looking to revive them. It makes you think, though, which side of the fence was the lack of loyalty? Google or Mayer? Holy Johnny Damon, Batman! Let’s get to it:

Linsanity has come to an end. Well, at least in New York. The Knicks decided to let Jeremy Lin walk and head to the Rockets. It seems as though this really became official once Lin went back to the Rockets to renegotiate the contract and change the third year of the deal. That change in the 3rd year would have amounted to the Knicks paying $45 – $60 million overall because of how the luxury tax is set up under the new CBA. So, let’s go over this really quickly. Lin has started 25 career games. Yes, he electrified the city of New York and the Knicks, but didn’t Shane Spencer do the same thing with the Yankees back in the late 90’s? The man hit 10 home runs in 67 at-bats and then proceeded to play only 8 seasons before moving on to Japan. I’m not saying the 2 are exactly the same because they aren’t, but the stories are similar. Who knows what Lin will do in the future, but did you see the Yankees offering Spencer $25 million? Adios, Linsanity.

Which side of the fence are you on with this Dream Team situation? Would this years USA team win or would the 1992 original team win? Most people had a knee jerk reaction to this and immediately laughed at it, as did Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant said it and I think he had every right to answer the question as he did. I always laugh at people who say an athlete is crazy for saying things like this. I mean, what is he supposed to say? Should he have said the ’92 team would win? Should he not have confidence in his team? It is why Eli Manning said that he was in the same class as Tom Brady – he has confidence. Dan LeBatard had some interesting points on his radio show on Tuesday. Think about how much different atheletes are these days. Here is a prime example: in 1992, Patrick Ewing was the center of that Dream Team and he was 7′ tall and 255 lbs. Lebron James in 2012 is listed as 6’8″ and 250 lbs and ideally he is somewhere between a 2 guard and a 4. Is that enough to put a little bit of doubt into your mind about the fantasy matchup? It is for me…

What a week it has been for baseball stars. Joey Votto, David Ortiz and Jose Bautista all hit the disabled list this week with their injuries coming on Monday. Joey Votto had a lingering knee injury and the other two were fresh. This has sent disappointment through the fans of their respective teams as well as their fantasy owners. Votto is scheduled to miss 3-4 weeks and Bautista and Ortiz do not currently have a time-table for return. I have inserted Anthony Rizzo into my lineup for Votto…your thoughts? Get well soon, guys.

It’s time for my favorite subject! Dwight Howard! Ugh. The latest and most up to date news on where Dwight is going is officially – who the hell knows?? The big rumor these days is that he will be headed to the Lakers. Not sure at this point if it would be a 3 team trade involving the Rockets getting Bynum and a bunch of young talent/picks heading to the Magic or if it is a trade between the two teams. This Dwight situation is annoying and has been worse than anything Lebron ever did…agreed?

Let’s move on to the hilarious situation that happened between Ozzie Guillen and Bryce Harper. It wasn’t quite George Brett and the pine tar incident, but Ozzie was pretty heated about it. Each side felt as though they showed the other team up. Well, the funny part is when Adam LaRoche asked Bryce Harper to autograph a bat for him and then sent it over to Ozzie, but not before adding “To my hero, Ozzie, love you” to the signature. The move made the situation a little more light-hearted for Ozzie and he stated that he thought it was funny and he respects Bryce for who he is and what he means to the game. Moral of the story – Ozzie being Ozzie is hilarious…unless he’s talking about Fidel Castro.

That’s about all for this week! Hope your hump day is going well and that you’re on your way to an enjoyable weekend! If I missed something or if you’d like to battle it out on something you didn’t agree with feel free to leave a comment!

Talk to you guys next hump day!