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Hump Day Thoughts On Sports – 7/5/17

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s hump day again and that just means another riveting Hump Day article from your favorite Co-Founder of CineSportsTalk! The last time we spoke it had been raining for days here in South Florida. Golf courses were flooded and fish were swimming around in our backyards. People couldn’t get to work because their cars flooded out and one of the biggest attractions in South Florida – The Sawgrass Mills Mall – was shut down for 2 days. How’s the weather down here now you ask? It is hot as hell! Yes I know that a few weeks ago it was 122 degrees out west and people were cooking meals on the beds of their trucks, but that’s a dry heat, right? I got in my car today after work and it was 107 degrees. I know someone that suffered 1st (or 2nd or 3rd) degree burns on their ass and hands just getting into their truck. Oh and forget about touching your seat belt with your bare hands – unless of course you’d like your hand branded. Add 75% humidity that and you’ve got immediate sweat when you walk outside and some really bad hair days. I’m bald, so I pretty much only suffer from that first one. Unless of course I get a bad beard day. That’s just frustrating. See, now I am frustrated and this thing could fall off the tracks pretty quickly. Let’s get to the damn thing.

NBA Free Agency

I am surrounded by Heat fans, so this picture might piss some people off, but it is what it is. Gordon Hayward chose the Celtics over the Heat and the Jazz and landed in Boston for the next 4 years. Hayward is not the only big name player changing addresses. Whether it is free agency or trades, there has been some moving and shaking in the NBA so far this off-season. Dwight Howard has gone to the Hornets. Jimmy Butler has gone to the Timberwolves. Danilo Gallinari was sent packing to the Clippers. The Rockets landed Chris Paul. Jeff Teague has moved on to the Timberwolves. Paul George was sent off to the Thunder. J.J. Redick headed to Philly. George Hill and Zach Randolph both signed with the Kings. Ricky Rubio was traded to the Jazz (and also failed to talk Hayward into staying in Utah). Contracts are out of hand and the NBA is completely lopsided, but who cares – everyone ready to see Golden State and the Cavs in the Finals again next year?

Steve’s Baseball Predictions

First things first – that is not me. Alright, so we all do predictions here at the site before the season starts. There are just a few days left before the All-Star break and it might just be a good time to see how my picks are looking.

AL East – My pick was the Blue Jays. They are currently in last place. Well done. The Red Sox are currently in the top spot.

AL Central – My pick was the Royals. They are currently in 3rd place, 1.5 games out. Not too bad there. The Indians currently lead the division.

AL West – I chose the Astros. Ding ding ding!! The Astros are in 1st place. I’m a damn genius.

NL East – I chose the Mets. They are currently in 3rd place, a very alarming 11 games out. The Nationals are in first. Steve hates the Nationals.

NL Central – I picked the Cubs and currently they are in 2nd place 3.5 games out. Not bad. The Brewers are in first place.

NL West – I chose the Giants. The currently have the 2nd worst record in all of baseball. Well then. The Dodgers are in first place.

So, in conclusion, I have 1 out of 6 correct so far. 2 of my picks are in last place with not much hope and 2 of them are within striking distance. The last team is the Mets. That’s all I’ve got to say.

The 2017 Body Issue

Every year, the 4 letter sports giant puts out their body issue. This is the U.S. women’s national hockey team. That’s all I’ve got to say. Go enjoy the rest of the pictures over at the 4 letter sports giant dot com.

That’s A Wrap

That’s about it for this Hump Day. We covered some pretty important things this week including nudity in sports. Whatever. Hope you enjoyed. If you didn’t then there is something wrong with you and you should just go watch Power Rangers. Sorry, that was a low blow. Come back next week! Until then, stay classy!