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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports & Stuff – 5/27/15

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Hey people – Steve here with your Hump Day article. There really hasn’t been much that has happened in the world of sports over the last week or so, so this one might just be short and sweet. Ready? Too bad…

LeBron back to the Finals


Five years in a row is quite a feat. Is there any doubt that this guy is the best basketball player in the world? I’m fully convinced that this guy can take anyone to the NBA Finals. Hell, he even got JR Smith there! In all seriousness, this guy truly is The King. Nobody can deny that. Not even I did that when he was on the Heat (and I hated every second of it). Listen, the Hawks were great and all in the regular season, but any fan of the NBA could have told you that the Hawks are not that team in the playoffs. They are kind of like the Falcons in that way. Sorry, Atlanta. Just like the shirt says, LeBron is “All In”. The Finals will not be as easy, though. LeBron better get his boys ready for the MVP.

Marlins hire Dan Jennings as manager

Marlins Pirates Baseball

Who? Exactly. What are the Marlins doing?? First of all, they were supposed to be major contenders this season. Yes, it is early because it isn’t even June yet. The problem is that the Marlins are an absolute mess (outside of Mr. Stanton). So, they bring their GM down from the offices at Marlins Park and put him in the dugout. Now, they demote Brett Butler from 3rd base coach to outfield coach and move Lenny Harris to 3rd base coach. Lenny Harris was one hell of a pinch-hitter, but as a base runner I seem to remember a blunder or two. Why is he your new 3rd base coach? Their pitching has been less than stellar as has their offense (again outside of Mr. Stanton). One of these years, that front office will get things right.

FIFA Imploding


Soccer, like many other things in this world, is corrupt. Are you shocked? Fourteen people (some of which are high ranking officials) within FIFA are being charged in a more than $150-million racketeering and fraud scheme that prosecutors said had corrupted the world’s most popular sport while lining defendants’ pockets with millions of dollars. Charges include racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. This should surprise nobody. People are greedy. People will stop at nothing to make an extra buck (or million bucks). One of the places raided? Miami, FL. Am I shocking anyone yet? Florida is always at the center of attention and not usually in a positive way. This is only the beginning…

And that is about it for this week! Before I go, let me leave you with some of our more recent movie reviews. See you next week!

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