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J. Nardo

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J. Nardo

J. Nardo here to keep it short and simple. I’m a sucker for good dialogue, solid characters and capturing plots, so needless to say I’m a film snob. Not art house style but basically I love films that make my black little heart feel. However, most of the time a visceral horror movie does just that. I also love to get lost in amazing television that can be epic and mesmerizing or completely vapid, dark side trashy.  I’m first generation soflo born and raised working in education (I teach the youths ya’ll). I’ve stayed primarily focus in running a creative writing program with film studies for 6 years (#boss). For the sake of not sounding like a Tinder profile, I enjoy having fun with delivering content to the public while making them laugh at my sailor mouth and over all oddities. I also have serious resting bitch face skills & have an unhealthy love of beer.

In addition to continuing my vigilant work in flooding the Internets with my friendly banter, my god complex has also landed me the role as CST Editor of all articles. Mwahaha! Oh, sorry, let the evil come out there for a second.