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Jader Says THE SHALLOWS Serves Up Plenty of Thrills and Scares

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It’s no surprise to say that this summer has been a bit of a let down when it comes to its blockbusters.  Movies are doing well opening weekend but then get forgotten the next with a new release. With that being said I did not have any expectations for “The Shallows”, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Now with that being said this is not “Jaws” but it’s the best shark movie since. The less is more technique really worked in The Shallows favor. With the movie running at 87 Minutes the movie does not waste the audience’s time, it is simple and straightforward.


 The film starts off with us meeting Nancy, played by Blake Lively, an avid surfer and recent medical school dropout. Nancy decides visit a secluded island in Mexico to do some soul searching after some very life altering events. Our first glimpse of the island is a sight for sore eyes. Nancy wastes no time in hitting the waves. We then meet two other surfers and Nancy briefly joins them to hit the waves. When Nancy stays behind for one last wave she has her first encounter with a terrifying great white shark. Thanks to Nancy’s sharp decision making and medical knowledge she makes a formidable opponent for our modern day jaws.  It is a story of survival, of man vs. beasts or better yet, woman vs. beast.


 Director Jaume Collet-Serra definitely delivers in this suspenseful thriller. His beautiful camera work and cinematography capture the audience from the moment the film starts. The set pieces are effective, the surf sequences, underwater and scenic shots are breath taking. Just like Spielberg did Jaws by building tension from the music alone, Collet-Serra did with The Shallows. The music makes the scenes with the shark that we don’t see as much intimately tense, to the point that we are at the edge of our seats. This makes it a big pay off when we do finally see the great white on screen.  This is definitely a movie that you want to check out in the theater just for the sounds alone. Blake Lively does a good job carrying a movie essentially alone, with the excellent supporting role of Steven Seagull.


 “The Shallows” serves plenty of thrills and scares but mostly tension. It won’t be as memorable as the classic “Jaws” but it definitely holds up as its own film that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It will definitely have you looking down at your feet as you wade in the ocean this summer.  With that being said it’s a movie for all audiences as long as you aren’t looking for some mind blowing plot,  If you’re up for a B-Movie “horror-esque” film go check it out, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.


FINAL WORD: StarStarHalf StarEmpty Star