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Kansas City Royals Preview

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Does everyone really want me to do this one? The Royals are the minor league team for all of the other Major League teams. They develop young stars until they are good enough to get a big contract and then they move on. The next player on that list will no doubt be Billy Butler. Although you really don’t think about someone named Billy Butler playing in New York or Los Angeles, no offense to anyone named Billy Butler. You have veterans Melky Cabrera and Jeff “I like to talk crap about Citifield after I leave the Mets” Francoeur in the outfield and Jason Kendall behind the plate. Billy Butler is the biggest star on the team and there is also Kila Ka’aihue, who could have a breakout year…finally. In Zack Greinke’s place this year is Luke Hochevar and then comes Kyle Davies and Jeff Francis. The rest of the team is nothing to write home about. It is really nothing to write about at all, so I will stop it here.

Royals battle the Tribe for 4th place in the division and…lose.