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Knicks Avoid Chris Paul

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Hey all – Steve here again.

My Knicks have been known to do some stupid things over the last 2 decades. Thankfully, when the Rockets came knocking to try to rid themselves of Chris Paul and his 4 year $160 million deal, they were brilliant and turned it down. Paul is a really good player still, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t see the Knicks paying him $38, $41 and $44 million over the course of the next 3 seasons all the way through his age 36 year.

I am not one of those Knicks fans with their head in the clouds, but even if they were to strike-out in free agency (again), I will be happy knowing they didn’t give up assets to get an aging (and over-paid) Chris Paul. It really does nothing for us on its own and again, we would have to give up pieces in the deal . Also, why would the Knicks help the Rockets free up space to go after another free-agent that they might be in on as well? Makes no sense, but this time around the Knicks made a decision that did.