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Kyle Says Lady and the Tramp is a Winner for Disney Plus

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by Kyle Arango

Disney Plus is launching this Tuesday and the anticipation could not be higher. People are excited about all their new shows, but the movies have some questions surrounding them. Their big film to release upon launch is their remake of the classic Lady and the Tramp in live-action form. This has been Disney’s go to lately, but this is the first one to not be released in theaters. How will watching it at home effect viewership as opposed to theaters? We will never know but I can say families who turn this film on will be pleased. This is an adorable and heartwarming retelling of the original story that is perfect for all ages.

            The story of Lady and the Tramp is one we are all aware of. A high class and pampered dog gets lost out on the street and falls in love with a street dog as they try and find their way home and put their different lifestyles aside. It has always essentially been Romeo and Juliet but without the suicide and puppies instead of people. This film has everything families could want, laughs, romance, and dogs. Most importantly though, it has a ton of heart. There is, of course, the cute and cuddliness factor of watching dogs interact and talk, but there’s also an honest and real relationship formed. It is a natural progression and a great example for kids to see how a real relationship can begin. When this film was announced to be on Disney plus, it was immediately disregarded and considered to be a dump, but it is far from that. This is one of the better films in this recent steak of Disney remakes of their classics and one that should be held up in the same regard as the original. Harmless and entertaining.

            What has always been the most attractive aspect of this story for me is the message of class dynamics within. On the surface, it is a romance between two puppies, but there is something much deeper. What this movie is trying to convey is that people from a lower class who aren’t as fortunate are the same as those in the upper class. Of course, this doesn’t go for each individual, but it goes to show that an entire class of people shouldn’t be painted with a broad brush. It’s the old saying to never judge a book by its cover and that is exactly what this film portrays beautifully. Tramp in this film is dirty and ragged and gets called a street dog everywhere he goes. It is only when Lady takes the time to get to know him does she realize he is just like her. Same goes for Lady where she appears to be pampered and above all but actually has a heart for everyone. This is exactly what you want in a movie for kids. A good entertaining story on the surface that can convey a message to kids they can take with them later in life.

            The voice cast here is also just terrific. Tessa Thompson voices Lady and really brings the charm needed to make the character work through her voice. She has a welcoming voice that makes you want to listen to whatever she has to say. Combine that with the cuteness of a dog and it doesn’t get any better. Same goes for Justin Theroux as Tramp. He has that ruggedness in the way he speaks but also very welcoming. Together the two of them have incredible chemistry that really sparks as they start to interact. Of course, there is also that classic moment everyone remembers. The spaghetti scene that really gives the relationship that push it needs to take off. In this film it works just as well, if not better. It puts a big smile on your face at just how innocent all of this truly is and makes you fall in love with this movie the same way the dogs fall in love with each other. It takes time, but you get there.

            What is left to say here is Disney Plus is launching its service with a winner here. Lady and the Tramp is the type of film you can sit your kids in front of and distract them while also being entertaining for parents who stick around. It has a ton of heart and a great message at its core that is one everyone should learn. Does it have moments of lull? Maybe a couple, but it gets the job done in the end and honors what the classic brought to the table.

The Verdict: 4/5 Stars