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Kyle Says LITTLE Has No Clue

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Trailers are an artform essential to the development of cinema. A bad trailer can completely make or break any film which is why you have to make a good one or you will lose the audience. Little had one of the worst trailers I have ever seen with a premise that made me think it had potential but was displayed very poorly. Can Little be a surprise and be better than the trailer led us to believe? Yes, but when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and the progress made is, shall we say, not big at all or, little?

Little is a story about a tech guru who owns her own company and is one of the worst people ever. She was bullied as a kid so when she became successful, she decided to return the favor. One day her personality goes to far and she makes a child so angry that the child uses a magic wand to wish her to be little. And it works. This premise alone is not bad to start with. There is great comedy and themes to be mined here to which the film occasionally strikes, but never completely finds. This whole film is like that, wasted potential. There are scenarios that should’ve led to great comedic beats, but sadly they are never achieved. For instance, our protagonist is sent to school as an adult in a child’s body and assigned a teacher she is attracted to. Could make for great laughs, but it doesn’t. Instead you are thinking, “but why didn’t they do this?” throughout and it makes the experience miserable. I will point this out however, while I was not having a good time, many other people were.

The biggest problem with Little is the lack of understanding the film seems to have in its own premise. An adult woman is turned into a child overnight and for some reason, there is no urgency to reverse the situation. They literally send someone they know to find an address and by the end of the film the say, “oh we found the address.” All the filmmakers care about is putting these characters in silly situations and telling obnoxious jokes. Rachel Dratch who shows up for a scene is a child services agent and tells the duo to enroll the child in school and that she will be back to check on them. She never returns. The jokes in this film will not hold up a year from now. Every joke is related back to a pop culture reference popular today that will not be in the zeitgeist in the future. This eliminates the rewatchability factor from the film. The only saving grace for the film is its actresses. Regina Hall lights up the screen in her limited time as the worst person ever. She is having a blast throwing things and being awful and it is a joy to watch. Her younger version is played by Marsai Martin who is just a joy. She is tasked with being a younger, meaner Regina Hall and boy does she nail it. Finally, Issa Rae is just a delight of a human being and her presence just makes the film better. All three of these actresses completely save the film from being a total disaster.

Little is a dumb, schlocky mess that is helped by its talented cast but wastes them in a poor direction. What could be a solid premise never comes to fruition and it makes for a poor, empty experience for the audience. I will say that there were people laughing in my screening and a ton who clapped at the end. However, in a year time, this film will already be dated.

The Verdict – 2.5/5 Stars