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Kyle & the gang go outside of Earth in this week’s CST Top 10 with Alien Movies

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Shane Black’s The Predator being released, we decided to do Top 10 Alien Movies. These are movie that involve aliens directly in the plot and are a significant part of the story. There are many familiar movies on this list so here we go.

10. Signs

Starting off this list is M Night Shyamalan’s Signs. This is one of those classic films that has been handed down from generation to generation. Here we see a family that lives on a farm and sees crop circles in their field. They then begin to see more and more examples of what seems like alien life in their atmosphere. The film was widely regard as a unique take on alien interaction due to the family being the base of the plot. What Shyamalan did was not only scare most of us at the slight glimpse of an alien but how one can feel alienated in their own household.

9. District 9

Ironically enough, at number nine we have District 9. Neill Blomkamp burst out onto the scene with this film back in 2009 and has not been able to rematch this films success. District 9 is about an alien race that is forced to live in the slums simply because they are different creating parallel metaphor to how refugees are treated. A government agent is exposed to their technology and learns to understand their ways to bring together a message that is more about humans than extraterrestrials. This film had massive acclaim so it makes some wonder, with this currently climate, how come Blompkamp has not been able to turn out another message film adventure?

8. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is the most recent alien movie to hit screens and continuously hits our hearts. Popping up on quite a few lists ever since its release this year back in April, is a testament to how great it is. Also family base, the film differs with how they have to survive a world where aliens kill anything they hear because they are blind. As an audience, we truly connect to director John Krasinski and his material in the family aspect.

7. Arrival

This film is criminally under placed on this list and deserves to be top three. Arrival is simply one of the best films to come out in the last ten years. One day mysterious ships land across the world and we begin to follow the journey of one woman takes to communicate with them. This film floored many and only gets better with every viewing. Communication isn’t generally the forefront of alien films due to the scare factor that they generally encompass, however here it’s more about connection than the foreign enemy.

6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Just missing out on the top five is another film that is underrated in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and has just made an appearance in previous list. This film shows the more curious side of humans and what they would do if aliens arrive. The aliens aren’t evil here, they just want to know us like we want to know them. This was Spielberg’s follow-up to Jaws and it blew more people out of the water (pun intended) with how much of him exists within this film.

5. Predator

An homage to the reason this list was create, we break the top 5 with the original Predator film. Clearly the group is more invested in gore and action than deep messages however, it still does not take away the following of the film. Predator came out and established itself as one of the best movie monsters of all time which gave us all a monster to stand along Wolf Man & Dracula. Its sequels and spinoffs diluted this film, but it is still a terrific action 80’s movie that established a franchise.

4. The Thing

Speaking of not so but kind of so original horror, The Thing nearly closes in our top three. We are talking about John Carpenter’s remake where about a group of researchers trapped in a snowy climate turn on each other when an alien that can shapeshift into anything invades their quarters. It is so fascinating to see how these people react when they suddenly can’t trust one another. The alien is also very scary and leads to some disturbing imagery that had not really been seen on screens for some time. Rarely do we see a remake be better than the original but it’s execution that really makes the hair stand on the back of most necks.

3. Aliens

Surprise, surprise that our first top movie is none other than Aliens. The sequel to Alien did what most sequels cannot do, turn the franchise on its head. The continuation took a turn from the original in genre by becoming more of an action film and making us appreciate seeing Sigourney Weaver further her mark as a top heroine. While not as good as the original, the two are pretty close and James Cameron did a wonderful job taking the story and doing something new with it.

2. Alien

Alien is a pioneer in the sci-fi/horror genre in which we see a group of people trapped on a ship with a deadly creature on there with them. One by one they are picked off and have to try and find a way to survive. Ridley Scott crafted a horror film that is still replicated to this day, even in its own franchise which has had diminishing returns but no one can forget the first time they saw a tiny little alien baby spring from the bowels of a belly.

1. E.T. The Extraterrestrial

From metaphor to fear and no finally to heartwarming, our number one is E.T. The Extraterrestrial. What is there left to say about this film that hasn’t been said already? CST contributor Ralph and our own bossy boss Scott still hold this film in their top of all time. We all seen the movie about a young child who discovers a lost alien and proceeds to try and “phone home,” but it’s the bond that they form that makes E.T. an instant classic. I mean, can’t we all relate to a boy and his best alien pal? If not then we just truly hope they never try and remake it.

Well there you have it! The Top 10 Alien films of all time. Alien movies are a kind that have always been around and always will be around because we’re so fascinated with them. There were many great options and it was hard to leave off a couple. What does your list look like? Jump into the comments and let us know. We will see you next week with another Top 10.