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Lets Talk Post Season Baseball

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Post Season Baseball


Dan Skip Allen

     The day has come where this long baseball season begins to come to an end. After a couple of very good wild card games are in the books. The Washington Nationals made an 8th inning comeback to down the Milwaukee Brewers 4 -3. They scored three runs on a double in the bottom of the 8th from outfielder Juan Soto. In Oakland the Tampa Bay Rays hammered their way to 5-1 win on the back of four home runs and a great pitching outing from Charlie Morten. So final four matchups are set. 

      The Nationals travel to Los Angeles to face the two time runners up the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Tampa Bay Rays travel to Houston to face the team with the best record in MLB the Houston Astros. These two teams have some connections. Obviously the main one is Charlie Morten who signed with the Rays in the offseason. He pitched for the Houston Astros previously. The other connection is the Houston Astros play by play announcer, Todd Lalas was the sideline reporter for the Rays for many years. The other two matchups are the New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins and the St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves. 

      The Astros took 4 out of seven games in the regular season vs the Rays and the Twins won 4 out of 6 games vs the Yankees during the regular season. The regular season doesn’t necessarily correlate into the postseason though. The Astros and Yankees had the best two records in baseball. This will be an uphill battle for both road teams but the match ups don’t overwhelmingly favor the home teams. Both the Astros and Yankees have great rotations so it’ll be hard for the Rays and Twins to get runs. Though they both scored a lot of runs during the regular season. 

     The Cardinals won game one of the best of five series last night. They got out to a 6 run lead but had to hold on for the 7-6 win. Game two is this evening. The Dodgers also got off to a quick start and handed the Nationals a 6-0 win to take a 1-0 lead in there best of five series. They also play game two later tonight. All four five game series are in action today. With the Rays vs Astros on Fox at 2 pm, the Twins vs Yankees on MLB Network at 7 pm and the Cardinals vs Braves 4 pm & Nationals vs Dodgers 8 pm both on TBS. It’s going to be a great postseason. Play ball!

Dan Skip Allen