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Los Angeles Lakers – What now?

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By Steve Farace

     Whenever a team has been dismissed from the playoffs, there is always the question of “what now”? That question should be taken even more seriously when the team is swept. Take it even one step further if you were picked by many to make it to the Finals, if not win the Championship. That is how far the Los Angeles Lakers have to take that question. They were picked by many to actually win the NBA Championship and now they are left with many questions about their future after being swept by Dirk and the Mavs.


     They have to wonder if they should have made that trade for Carmelo Anthony (if the Nuggets were even willing to pull the trigger on the deal). They have to be thinking about what they are going to do with their Mr. Softee combination of Bynum and Gasol. There are already rumblings about them going hard after Dwight Howard. On top of everything there are rumors of Kobe and Gasol having personal issues off the court as well as the embarrassing way the series ended. The Lakers seem to be a mess and it is just not a situation that they are used to being in.


     They are in desperate need of the next face of the franchise. I’m not saying Kobe is done, but the microwave is about to start beeping. The Lakers lack a few things right now that other teams will have moving forward. They lack the young franchise player (Rose for the Bulls). They lack the star players that are in their prime (Lebron and Wade for the Heat and Carmelo and Stoudemire for the Knicks). They lack the electricity of teams like the Thunder and now they are lacking the chemistry just like the Knicks of the last decade. This is going to be a tough situation for the Lakers and their fans. Here is a question for you guys to think about as the Lakers season is now over – which is the better reality show, Lamar and the Kardashian or the Lakers in general?