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Minnesota Twins Preview

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The Twins are that team that you never really think about doing well, but then the next thing you know they are in the playoffs. Perhaps it is because of where they play? Actually, have you seen their new stadium? Really is beautiful. Anyway, let’s talk a little Joseph Mauer – he hit a total of ONE homerun at home last year. NOT well played Mauer (cheap plug for MLB the Show – only for PS3 and available TODAY!). So, one of their bigger question marks has to be Justin Morneau. Is he going to be healthy enough to play they entire season? He suffered a severe concussion last year and missed a ton of time, thus giving my partner Scott more ammunition in regards to baseball players being soft. Morneau could have an MVP type season if his body would allow it. I guess we can all say that, but you catch my drift. Not even sure what that means, but you should still catch it. The Twins also have the newest phenom out of Japan, Tsuyoshi Nishioka (would you believe me if I said that I didn’t even have to look that up?). Anyway, he can play short or second and he can hit and he can run, but won’t give the Twins much in the way of power. Also as you know with players from Japan it is either hit or miss (Hideo Nomo vs Kazuo Matsui). Their outfield is built behind Delmin Young and also includes Denard Span and Muchael Cuddyer. Moving over to their starting rotation, it looks like this – Francisco Liriano, Carl Pavano, Scott Baker, Brian Duensing and either Blackburn or Slowey in the 5th spot. With any luck they also get Joe Nathan back to close games and the Twins are hoping that he can return to his old self.


The Twins will be good again in 2011, but the question is will they be good enough? My answer is no. After a tough battle with both the White Sox and Tigers for the division and the Rays and Tigers for the wild card, the Twins will fall short of making the playoffs in 2011.