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Nardo Notices: It’s the Season of the Witch

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By Jessica Marie Nardo

Oooo ooo, witchy woman! For a long time, Hollywood has had a love affair with the occult, and some of the usual tropes that come along with them. With Halloween around the corner, it is only right to pay some sort of homage to one of my personal favorites, The Craft (instead of breaking down a bunch of them*cough cough Top Ten*). One major spin on this edition of Nardo Notices is how much those said tropes, do not exist in this cult classic.

Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen basically made the decision easy if you were on the fence about having kids. A common theme among these witch films is basically the coven is protecting the coming of the Antichrist. Those two are the most popular but we often see witches being portrayed as those who must protect the continuation of the big man downstairs. However, we see no trace of that in The Craft. In fact, Nancy, played by the ever so hypnotizing Fairuza Balk, puts it best how there source of worship is above either evil or divine entity, “If God and the Devil were playing football, Manon would be the stadium that they played on. It would be the sun that shone down on them.” Yep, for them it’s all about Manon or Nature as they describe it that matters. Almost makes you trust the characters.

​In addition to devil worship and/or protecting his second coming, human (usually in the form of a virgin) sacrifice is found when taking a dive into these movies. I mean as if Virgin Witch was not obvious enough, we see hints of this in Suspiriaas well (Ok, half virgin in that one). Again, that pretty much out the window for these characters. Generally, objectification is a bad thing but in this film the girls seem to have some solid fun with it. That is until it goes sideways with the obsession of Chris, Skeet Ulrich, set forth by a little ol’ spell. Seriously, this film could have a #MeToo vibe all over it.

​Last little mention is the nudity. The Witch practically made us want to gouge out our eyes and The Lords of Salem was not far behind, but witchy based actions have always been surrounded by nudity. I mean, not one to judge but I ain’t trying to run around a foster naked. You know Lime Disease and what not. Yet, we don’t even see a side boob in The Craft. It earns its hard R the old fashion way, cursing and violence. The characters do wear some riske outfits, catholic schoolgirls and all,but pretty much just keep it PG when it comes to anything other than knee socks. 

​Basically, the film is filled with wonderfully cheesy girl gang spell casting goodness and should not be overlooked simply because it does not follow the usual formula. In fact, it stands out as one of the most popular Halloween costumes for reformed private school females and who doesn’t need more uses for their crucifixes?