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Nardo Notices: Who the Hell is that Saxophone Guy in The Lost Boys?

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By Jessica Marie Nardo

          As many of you have probably been wondering (and if not, you’re going to now), where did “Nardo Notables” go? After much thought and reformatting suggestions, most of them made to myself by myself because my opinion is the only one I care about, this little remix came up. How about an adorable monthly in which we explore the random moments in film that we all have a question about because either they stick out incredibly or, well, they require a conversation? Also, at the risk of CST being redundant, do we really need another countdown or top ten? Enough is enough.

          For the inaugural piece of the formally known as “Nardo Notables”, now, “Nardo Notices,” I wanted to explore the character I am pretty sure everyone has had some questions about; the random, oiled-up, saxophone guy in The Lost Boys. In the horror classic, we have already a lot of oddities and random moments considering, well, it was the 80s and there was a lot, as an audience we had to buy into quickly to enjoy it. I mean Santa Carla, California already seems like an awkward place for vampires to inhabit. It’s not the usual extremely gothic representation we are used to and the hair, Jesus Christ, the hair! So, with that being said, how else would this campy horror comedy push the envelope? Insert random concert performance by a pelvic thrusting, shiny, spandex wearing lead singer.

          After a little bit of research, and I do mean little, because all it took was one Google search, I found out that said character is actually a real musician and has a relatively interesting story. Tim Cappello is the aforementioned saxophone man and his rendition of “I Still Believe” is actually a song originally performed by a band called…The Call (I didn’t plan that). In addition to not being the origin of said song, he also had a seriously tough time overcoming his heroin addiction. Actually, the most interesting part of his story is the reason why he is the oily buffed saxophone guy is because the day he decided to kick the habit, he was taken to a gym and it was the “meat heads” that made him finally make a life style change.  Listen, I am all for self-care and healing but talk about the most unconventional thing to change your mind. I guess there’s more than the typical “pump you up” feeling at gyms which brings us to the next interesting point. Jon Hamm has impersonated him on SNL. So, the seemly misplaced fist pump and saxophone guy actually has much more going for him than the purple zebra print tights.

          To sum it up, sexy thrusting saxophone guy actually has a pretty dynamic story to tell, if you can get past the shiny oil. If you have any interesting things you have noticed about The Lost Boys, please comment/share on the fan page, facebook or IG (@cinesportstalk or @the knowbodies). Until then, keep checking for next month’s Nardo Notices.