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Nardo’s Cold, Black Heart Melts For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

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As the resident dark soul of CST, I find it nearly impossible to feel much. Sure, I bleed when I am cut but for the most part it’s the color of what I imagine the insides of an abyss look like. Regardless, Avengers: Infinity War has me as giddy as a kid finding out she’s leaving home early from school and going on a trip to McDonalds. The culmination of the Marvel hard hitters is finally here and the expectations are set reasonably high. Not to mention the fan fodder that is setting waves to crashing twitters with warnings of spoilers, deaths & possible story line movement. The world is a buzz with Infinity War, but the real question remains: Will it live up to the aforementioned hype or is it doomed to pack in too much for the average audience?

From the conception of Marvel movies, we were present with a comic favorite but not generally known hero, Iron Man. After that it has been hit, after hit, and even the considerable average hits have not stopped the massive box office draws these event movies have become. Infinity War does the opposite of that effect. They are banking on the already loved characters that have been set in motion and finally coming together. That is what is slightly dangerous for this film. If you have not seen the other Avengers films or have a mild investment in the story line based from the comics, it’ll be a hard pill to swallow. Is it to say you won’t enjoy the movie, hell no. The great part about the plot is getting to move from vignette to vignette & having the smoothest transitions possible. We jump from being with Guardians & Thor to Black Panther & Captain America with ease as well having enough time with each set to build a relatable character relationship. Of course, this is because we already, well most of us, know who these characters are however if it’s your first time, the humor will at least keep you invested.

The mashing of action is also a great draw. The scenes are colorful and active enough that it doesn’t feel overcrowded with too much to watch. Also, each fighting sequence has its specific purpose rather than the big ta-da in the end which is how most of these films have played out (yes little fights here and there, especially the intro fights for most Marvel movies but these are done with more finesse). In addition to that, this film has probably the biggest heart of any Marvel film to date. Not that it is overly emotional, ok maybe a little but that is needed. The idea that a villain like Thanos can come around and wipe out half of humanity and go against every single hero we have requires you to feel something. And not your average “hope the bad guy loses” type stuff, it has to be deeper & this film does that in more ways than can be counted. I will leave it at that considering I do not want the internet to break with any further spoilers.

Avengers: Infinity War makes you understand why so much attention to detail is needed. With out it, you’ll be a little lost. Given, the success the previous films have created, the ability to be accessible for everyone, even non-comic people but it’s still a lot of story to know and understand to be fully invested in this film. The Russo Brothers knew when they signed up for the film and have used the exquisite writings of Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely in a way that has promise of holding the attention of even the most non-invested person. I mean it made me sad. And that’s why I liked it.