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Nardo’s Notable 5 – Top 5 Teen High School Movies

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School is almost back in session and whether you were the jock, the nerd, or the stoner, high school was a pivotal place for us all. How has Hollywood depicted such a tumultuous time in our adolescents? That’s the subject we are dissecting today in Nardo’s Notables. Find your inner angst and pick some of the amazing teen high school movies to explore this week,

5. She’s All That

In the event that the tables are turned and the popular girl decided to dump her hot shot jock boyfriend, what is the best revenge? Well it’s getting the nerdiest girl in school to replace her social standing! Duh! In this My Fair Lady adaptation reboot we melt at how artsy Laney, played by the adorable Rachel Leigh Cook, does the real ultimate transformation of Zack, played by the also adorable Freddie Prinze Jr., into someone who has more depth. At the end of the day we all want to be her as she slowly makes her way down the stair to Sixpence None the Richer “Kiss Me”…or interpretive dance to Rick James “Give It To Me.” Depends on what floats your boat

4. Varsity Blues

Yes, the movie can also fall under a sports movie but as far as high school dramas go I give this, to quote Billy Bob, “A 10! A fucking 10!” James Van Der Beek portrays Mox, a second string quarter back who’s goal is more directed to getting out of the football obsessed small town and grow in college (because hey, “I don’t want your life!” and all). However it all goes downhill when his best friend aka the first string quarter back Lance, brought to life by the late great Paul Walker, blows his knee. Now it’s up to Mox to come into his own and bring home the win for the team, but does that mean compromising himself? Be sure you’re wearing your best whip cream bikini while watching this film.

3. Charlie Bartlett

Moving on to something a little more main stream, this movie shines light on something that started to become an epidemic within millennials: being medicated. Step in the king of dysfunction, Charlie. Anton Yelchin does wonders with showing how today’s kids have really taken on the problems of their parents and are more prone to needed therapy than teens of the past. The film also shows what it’s like for a range of students who seek out this kind of help but in the most witty and insightful of lights

2. Clueless

As if! Who could pass up the SoCal comedy that had every girl in knee highs and plaid skirts? Alicia Silverstone as Char brought her career to new heights as this film crowned her ‘It Girl’ of the late 90s. Other notables such as Paul Rudd and the quirky Brittany Murphy will have you rolling with the homies as you complete your first round of suck and blow. Now, don’t be fooled. Yes, the film has it’s superficial beginnings but it has the ultimate pay off in the end. With epic dialogue filled with quotable lines and fashion to boot, this movie ties together the different dynamics of the kids who seemingly have it all but not all figured out.

1. Breakfast Club

What happens when you mix a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal in a Saturday morning detention? Only the best high school representation of all time. There is a reason the term ‘John Hughes movies’ is not just used to describe, well, John Hughes movie. It was this iconic director who basically set the blue print for all teenage/high school movies for years to come. However, none are more outstanding than this one. The plot is raw and honest, the characters have dynamics, and the end song is life. My only hope is that one day I’ll be able to apply lipstick with my boobs as good as Molly Ringwald.