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New York Mets Preview

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My pride and joy!


My poor Mets and what they are going through with this Madoff crap. All I have to say is that I hope they find a buyer and fast! The Mets lineup is not bad at all. David Wright and Jose Reyes are on the left side of the infield and who can ask for more? The outfield has a couple of question marks in Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran. Both of them, if healthy can have huge years, but those are both very BIG if’s. Angel Pagan likely had a career year last year, but should not fall off too much. Ike Davis is a very promising talent at 1st base and will only improve in 2011. Now comes the painful part. When I say painful I mean painful! The rotation. This is the area that the Mets needed to improve the most and they took the cheap way out,¬†understandably. The anchor of the staff until Johan gets back in June/July is going to be Mike Pelfrey. While there are options out there that are worse, Pelfrey is not a number one starter. He really does only have number 2 potential and that is where he would fit in better. Niese, Dickey, Young, Capuano is the best the Mets are going to have this year.


The Mets are going to do no better than 3rd place this year and really could end up in last place depending on how bad the pitching is. I wish I could say better things, but I promised to stay objective.