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New York Yankees Preview

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I hate the Yankees.


Alrighty…now that I got that out of the way, here we go. The Yankees went after the top free agent pitcher and the top free agent every day player and, well, struck out on both. They were supposed to get them both just like the big bad Yankee empire always does. This time they were beaten out by the rival Red Sox and the team they played in the World Series just a couple of years ago, the Philadelphia Phillies (hate them too). So, what do the Yankees and their fans have to look forward to? Well the good news is that their team was pretty good last year and they didn’t lose any major parts, so they should be just as good this year. The bad part is that father time is not letting up on the Yankees. Derek Jeter is getting up there, but after a tough winter and in ugly contract dispute, The Captain is ready to lead his team back into the playoffs. A-Rod had an off-season filled with controversy as well with his new girlfriend Cameron Diaz. She is beautiful…and wasn’t it so cute when she fed A-Rod popcorn at the Super Bowl?? Anyway! The getting old trend continues with Posada and Mo Rivera, although you still have to consider him one of the top closers in the game. They pick up Andruw Jones, which can’t hurt much and they also pick up Russell Martin, which can hurt a lot to watch (especially in clutch situations). What happened to this guy anyway? Now on to the pitching. CC Sabathia comes back this year after undergoing knee surgery at the end of last year and there is already talk that he will opt out of his contract at the end of the year – how exciting will that be! After CC, there is…well, umm – AJ Burnett?? What’s with all of the initials for the Yankees starting rotation?? The rotation is rounded out by the likes of Burnett and Phil Hughes, Andy Pettitte (oh, wait, he retired), Ivan Nova and maybe Freddy Garcia. When looking at that rotation and then thinking back to the lineup for the Red Sox, your one question should be this – how the ^&%# is THIS rotation going to stop THAT lineup????”


The Yankees are going to be in a dog fight for 2nd place in the AL East along with the Ray in 2011 and Yankee hater or not, I don’t see them making the playoffs this year.