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Oakland Athletics Preview

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You have to hand it to Mr. Moneyball Billy Beane. He continues to make chicken salad out of…well you know. Given Oakland’s low payroll Beane continues to sign cheap, productive talent and stock his roster with young promising pitching. That’s his calling card. Remember the days of Tim Hudson,Dan Haren,Barry Zito,Mark Mulder,and Rich Harden? The crafty Beane knew he couldn’t resign the stars with hefty price tags. So he traded them all to load up the farm system. The Oakland A’s have the best young pitching in baseball. Brett Anderson,Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, and last year no hit thrower Dallas Braden will keep the games close. Add the offseason acquisitions of Hideki Matsui, David Dejesus, and Josh Willingham to a veteran line up and you have the potential to pull off some surprises. Give Beane some time to revamp the line up and in a couple years the A’s can contend in the AL West. Take note Mr. Moreno.