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Pittsburgh Pirates Preview

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They have to be better this year, right? They have to be better than 17-64 on the road, right? Right! McCutchen, Alvarez, Walker, and Jones are nice start to the offensive side of the baseball. They could hit 100 homeruns combined. McCutchen is a star in the making that is looking to take off! I know that I am saying all of these nice things about the team and people are getting excited, so let’s get everyone back to Earth. Pitching. Ugh. McDonald, Maholm, Correia, Ohlendorf and whoever. Are those names to be excited about? McDonald looks like he has some potential, but the rest of the staff is nothing to get excited about. The Pirates have a couple of more years to go before they can get respectable again…ok, fine maybe more than a few years. They might turn into the Kansas City Royals of the NL.

The Pirates will be a bad team again. They will hit the 20 years in a row of seasons below .500. They will fight with all of their might to finish in somewhere else but last place and a lot of people will be rooting for them.