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Ralph Says Don’t Buy Into Holland Being In VENOM

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Sony’s “Venom” has an October 2018 release date, and while I’m excited about the potential of the film, my memories of Sony’s attempted Cinematic Universe in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” are still very real. However, with “Zombieland” Director Ruben Fleischer leading the charge, a lot of that stress got put to ease.

Anyways, a rumor came out from Collider Movie Talk’s Jon Schnepp recently that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will not only appear in “Venom”, but has already started filming. As much admiration that I have for Collider’s content, and Schnepp as a host, I wouldn’t buy into this Spider-Man story. Spider-Man’s presence will be felt in the film, but Holland isn’t likely to appear.

I say all of this because of Schnepp’s track record. On his show “Collider Heroes” and “Collider Movie Talk”, he has dropped “scoops” many times, but none of them have turned out to be true. He has these “sources” who gives him tid bits of information, but until one of his stories become reality, we have no reason to invest in them. Again, I admire Schnepp as a character and a pundit, but not as a journalist.

Spider-Man will likely appear in the movie, but not in the form of Tom Holland or any actor we know. Until Sony’s Spider-verse is confirmed as part of the MCU, Holland won’t appear. It’ll confuse causal fans, and create a headache for Marvel and Sony. Expect to see Spider-Man cameo, but not appear.