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Red Sox to Shake Things Up?

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Hey all – Steve here. The Red Sox have had an up and down season this year after winning it all in 2018 and it may be time for some changes. They have already made one change in who will be running the team by letting Dave Dombrowski go. The Sox are now 17.5 games out of first place and will likely miss the playoffs after winning the World Series a year ago.

Other changes that might be coming down the road? Well, the Red Sox exceeded the competitive balance tax limit by having a payroll of $236 million. That is $30 million north of the limit and will almost certainly cause the team to get rid of some salary. The early rumors? Mookie Betts and/or J.D. Martinez. Imagine the haul the team would get for either one of those guys? That’s enough to restock a system but are the Sox willing to go in some sort of rebuilding.

The owner of the Sox, John Henry has stated that if they truly wanted to, they could retain both players. That’s along the same lines as I would say if I was worth $2.7 billion.