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Rodriguez: Here’s the thing…

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by Steven J Rodriguez,

Here’s the Thing.

As a lifelong member of a long suffering fan base for a “baseball” team known as The New York Mets, I’m starting to wonder, WHY??!! You may have noticed I put baseball in quotes when describing what my sports team plays. I put it in quotes because watching it today is sort of like what I used to watch as a kid. It’s the same type of thing as when athletes ask “You want to pay me 17 million to play this year? That’s just insulting!” Who says that? Makes you scratch your head. Same way I feel about the baseball being played by my Metsies.

Now of course this article is biased, I’M A METS FAN, but at the same time I’m a baseball guy. It’s been my constant friend since I was 10 years old. So it’s very upsetting to see it not treated well by the pros and I use the term pros loosely by the way. Now what sent me over the edge was a very simple situation in the OLD days. Bottom of the 7th, home team is 2 runs down and the extremely fast leadoff hitter gets on with no outs. There is a guy that is barely able to hit .200 player at the plate and instead of bunting the runner over to second, our MGR Mickey Callaway decides to let him hit away.  He also has our ROY candidate in the on deck circle ready to hit for the pitcher. The player weakly grounds to the 3rd baseman and the 3rd baseman has to throw to 1st base. Luckily for the Mets it’s not an inning killing double play.

Distaste, disgust, anger and a huge WTF comes spewing from my inner most being. I yell at the TV, not her fault but I yell anyway.  There’s 3 innings left!!! We are the home team! We have a chance to score a run with a passed ball followed by basic fly ball! We can score on a base hit! We have a prolific home run hitter on deck!!! WTF!!!! But the TV doesn’t answer me, she says nothing. She tries to soothe me with the dulcet tones of the best baseball announcing team (told ya this article is biased). But I can’t be soothed, I can’t be placated by such a blatant disregard for baseball. I feel insulted. Bitch slapped even. Then it hits me. The Mets don’t want to win the game, they want to entertain the fans. There’s no better way than to HAVE to come back from multiple runs down in the bottom of the 9th. Make it must see TV. Bring up the ratings.  Chicks dig the long ball. Now of course I’m being a tad sarcastic and facetious. My real point, if no one has figured out yet is baseball is suffering. A wonderful sport is being diluted for the masses. Hurry the game up they say. It’s too dull. Strategy and the fundamentals are being thrown aside for the bat flip.

So here’s the thing…

Get back to playing the game to win. NOT to entertain, because winning can be REALLY entertaining.