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San Diego Padres

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Reality check time. The Padres of San Diego aren’t going to come close to sniffing the 90 wins the got last year. All hope was lost for 2011 when they traded their superstar franchise 1B Adrian Gonzalez. Padres Gm Jed Hoyer ( Thank you) shipped Gonzalez over to his B.F.F. Theo Epstein’s Boston Red Sox. You can’t blame Hoyer (Thank you so much Jed) they received young prospects Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes to start restocking a bare cupboard. Being a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation, I can tell you that it was a modest haul. Especially since this was the best offer they were gonna get. Seeing that A-Gone wasn’t going to resign with the Padres anyway, it was a move that had to happen. Hoyer ( We love you so much. A statue is being made for you in front of Fenway) also went out and acquired young Florida Marlin’s outfielder cameron Maybin, Tampa Bay shortstop Jason Bartlett, outfielder Brad Hawpe, infielder Jorge Cantu, and Twins 2b Orlando Hudson. All in all, not a bad job of assembling a roster in the wake of Gonzalez’s departure. Their pitching staff is anchored by ace Mat Latos. Unfortunately after that, it’s going to be feast or famine with Clayton Richard, Aaron Harang, Tim Stauffer, and Wade Leblanc. Wow that is bad. That is what we on the street like to call waiver wire sweeties. The San Diego Padres will once again be cellar dwellers, but lets give them some credit for trying. Are you listening Arte Moreno?