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San Francisco Giants

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The San Francisco Giants shocked the world last year by beating a loaded Philadelphia Phillies team and beating the Texas Rangers to win the Word Series. How did they do it? One reason was clutch hitting from rookie catcher Buster Posey,and a slew of guys that flew under the radar like Juan Uribe,Aubrey Huff and the huge acquisition of outfielder Cody Ross from the Marlins. To think they gave the Marlins an autographed Barry Bonds plaque for the rights to Ross baffles the mind. The main reason was the outstanding pitching. After a sub par regular season,Tim “The Freak” Lincecum was phenomenal in the postseason. Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez came up huge and September call up Madison Bumgarner was quite simply a godsend. Can they do it again this year? Personally, I doubt it. It seemed like all the stars aligned at just the right moment for the Giants last year. I doubt that they have the firepower to contend with the Phillies pitching upgrade and other improved teams like the Brewers and Braves. Their pitching will carry them to another division title, but look for the clock to strike midnight on these Cinderella disguised pumpkins.