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Scott Peterson

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Scott Peterson – Co-Founder

My name is Scott and I am from Portland, Maine. I am Co-Founder of I am sarcastic, rude, and have zero regard for human life. I do however own two Yorkshire Terriers and think they are the key to what cards the future may hold. My wife and I are also devoted animal rights activists. We will do whatever it takes to save and protect ALL animals. I have a great interest and extensive knowledge when it comes to sports and movies. I love to argue about anything from why my baseball team is better than yours to why exactly The Shawshank Redemption got shafted for Best Picture winner in 1994. I enjoy long walks on the beach and cuddling with my wife Teresa. I hope to develop a long relationship with as many avid sports/cinephile junkies as possible. Let’s do this…Leeroy Jenkins style!