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Scott’s Top 10 Movies of 2013

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Hey everyone. Scott here. What a great year 2013 was for movies. Usually, I have to look long and hard to fill out my annual top 10 list, but with so many quality films thrown at us this year, some really great movies didn’t quite make the cut. I will preface this list with a disclaimer of notable films that I haven’t seen yet. Spike Jonze’s Her, All is Lost, Inside llewyn Davis, Nebraska, or Dallas Buyers Club, so as always, the list is subject to change.

Here are some of the great or close to great films I saw this year that made my honorable mention list.


Star Trek Into Darkness


We’re the Millers

The To Do List

Insidious 2


American Hustle


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Enough Said

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Blue Jasmine

Thor: The Dark World


Evil Dead

The Company You Keep

Upstream Color

This is the End

World War Z

Fast & Furious 6

And now for the final 10.

10. Mud

Mud is a coming of age story that is reminiscent of Stand By Me. Matthew McConaughey gives a fantastic performance as Mud, a fugitive hiding out on a Mississippi island who is befriended by two boys. A film about the power of friendship that the whole family can get behind. Fantastic.

9. Blackfish

Perhaps no film this year has sparked more outrage than Blackfish.  This documentary about the mistreatment of killer whales in captivity at Sea World is a film that will haunt any animal lover and make you think twice before ever setting foot in that theme park again.

8. The Hunt

Mads Mikkelson gave one of the best performance in a film I’ve seen this year.  His portrayal of Lucas, a divorcee starting life over only to have the ground pulled out from under him because of the false accusations of an imaginative little girl was simply devastating.  The Hunt is a riveting look at the herd mentality of people and the reminder of how one little lie can change a life forever.

7. Before Midnight

Director Richard Linklater follows up Before Sunrise and Before Sunset with the absolute perfect ending to the Before trilogy.  Over the years we have come to love Jesse ( Ethan Hawke) and Celine ( Julie Delphy) and there is nothing more priceless than being a fly on the wall and listening to these two lovebirds talk open and honestly about the evolution of a relationship. Classic!

6. Captain Phillips

Director Paul Greengrass’s retelling of the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009 by Somali pirates was about as intense a film I saw in 2013.  Backed by another Oscar worthy performance by Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips fell in to the Apollo 13 category of film where we all knew how it was going to end, but still walked out of the movie theater without any finger nails.

5. Man of Steel

Here is a film that won’t show up on many top ten lists this year, but dammit it’s on mine. Perhaps no film was more polarizing and divisive than Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. Those of you who wanted more action than Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns got it in spades.  Those of you who wanted a more fleshed out character arc felt as if you were beaten over the head with a baseball bat.  I’m with the former as we FINALLY got a Superman worthy of the big screen.  I have seen Man of Steel a half a dozen times and it never gets old

4. The Conjuring

Director James Wan has quickly morphed in to my ” go to” director when it comes to horror. Wan has graduated from his torture porn Saw days and given us such terrifying films like the Insidious series and now The Conjuring. It’s rare that I find a horror film that genuinely creeps me the hell out.  I can count the amount of films that made me think twice about turning on a night light on one hand. The Conjuring is one of them.  One of the most fun times I had in a theater this year.

3. 12 Years a Slave

A film that should be shown in every classroom in every school as required viewing,12 Years a Slave is extremely hard to watch and even harder to look away. Chiwetel Ejifor has always been such an underrated actor,but not anymore.  Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave is finally going to make him a star.  A truly incredible film.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

71 Year old Martin Scorsese’s latest film about 1980’s corporate greed on Wall Street is obscene, repulsive, and the funniest film I had the pleasure of viewing in 2013. Leonardo DiCaprio gives the single best performance of his career as the money swindling Jordan Belfort.  I have now seen The Wolf of Wall Street three times and I was thisclose to having it top my year end best of list….BUT

1. Gravity

Alfonso Cuaron’s masterpiece Gravity was the single greatest movie going experience I’ve had in years. Watching this film in IMAX 3D was absolutely mesmerizing. Sandra Bullock’s performance is heartbreaking and if Gravity doesn’t reach double digits with Academy Awards nominations, it will be an injustice. This film might go down as the greatest science fiction film of all time.  Curaon has done the impossible, he’s taken us all to space.


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