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Steve Says BLACK PANTHER On Blu Is Brilliant

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Hey all – Steve here. Time for another Blu-ray review. This time we are talking about the king himself…Black Panther. I always remind you guys about the “structure” I use for these things and if you have been paying attention these last 7+ years, you know I hate structure. I’m drifting and it is time to reel myself back in or we will be here all weekend. We will run through the video, audio and special features and then I will leave you all with a few reviews that some of the guys from the site wrote regarding the actual film. Let’s get to it!

Blu-ray Video


As always when it comes to blu-ray, the video is just exquisite. Now this really depends on what kind of television you have. If you have a giant box of a TV from 10 years ago do not email me, tweet me, Facebook me or Snapchat me saying that it doesn’t look as good as I am telling you. If you have an HD TV then you already know how brilliant a blu-ray looks. The colors of the land and the deep blacks of the Black Panther suit really pop on this one. The African colors look absolutely stunning and extremely realistic. Remember that Disney always does it right and that is especially true when it comes to blu-ray.

Blu-ray Audio


Again this one depends on the type of system you have. Even if you just purchased your television yesterday and it is 4K and ready to go, the speakers probably aren’t all that great. The way to solve that issue is to go to your local electronics store or log in to your favorite online retailer and buy yourself a surround sound or a sound bar. I have a Bose system and the audio on this disc is straight up amazing. From the fight scenes to the chanting you will feel like you are there in person without the chance of being mauled by Killmonger. Turn it up as loud as you can and sit back and enjoy – although you should respect your neighbors. Yes I give social advice now and you can do with it what you would like.

Blu-ray Extras


You know how I love me some extras. Especially bloopers. My problem with the gag reel on these Blu-rays (as always) is that they are too short! This gag reel is only 1 min 38 seconds. Come on! Let’s get to it:

  • Crowning of a New King: This one takes a look at Black Panther and how he was brought in to Civil War. It also dives in to where he fits in with the Avengers and his origins.
  • The Hidden Kingdom Revealed: Want to know more about Wakanda? Head straight to this extra and sit back and enjoy!
  • The Warriors Within: Quite the interesting piece on the role of women in Wakanda.
  • Wakanda Revealed: Exploring the Technology: I found this one to be very interesting. It was pretty cool to see all that there is to Vibranium. What is it and what can it do and how has it changed Wakanda (forever). See what I did there?
  • Gag Reel: Always my favorite because I can’t be serious for longer that 5 min. These need to be longer! Who do I need to talk to?
  • Deleted Scenes: This one includes the UN Meet and Greet, Okoye and W’Kabi Discuss the Future of Wakanda, T’Challa Remembers His Father, and Voices from the Past. You can see why these may have been left out, but relatively interesting.
  • From Page to Screen: A Roundtable Discussion: This one is the most interesting (and longest) extra for me. Comic Writer Christopher Priest, Comic Writer Don McGregor, Black Panther Executive Producer Nate Moore, Comic Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, Black Panther Writer Joe Robert Cole, and Black Panther Co-Writer/Director Ryan Coogler discuss the character’s history in the comics, the character’s transition to the screen, the character and story’s importance to African-Americans (the culture) and general society, the character’s place in contemporary America, the character’s cinematic introduction in Civil War, and Chadwick Boseman’s performance.
  • Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years — Connecting the Universe: This one is a deep dive into the decade of Marvel.
  • Exclusive Sneak Peek at Ant-Man and the Wasp: Behind the scenes with Ant-Man and the Wasp! Kyle has watched this 47 times and counting!
  • Audio Commentary: Director Ryan Coogler and Production Designer Hannah Beachler offer an interesting commentary and some insight into all things Black Panther.
  • Director Ryan Coogler Intro: Available only under the “Play” tab. Ryan Coogler discusses how great it was to bring the character alive and what were the most interesting parts for him.

There you have it everyone! Hope you enjoyed the review and I hope you enjoy the blu-ray even more! If you can grab the 4K version then definitely do so! I will leave you with a nice little (long) review from Gilberto! Enjoy!

Gilberto Says BLACK PANTHER Is An Important Film Fit For A King