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Steve Says Into The Storm Packs A Weak Punch

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We are all enamored with mother nature. We are in awe of her power and her ability to just destroy anything and everything in her path. Many times we sit in front of the television or check our smart phones to track storms to see whether or not we are in their path. One of the more intense storms out there is the tornado. Not only because they can do catastrophic damage, but because there is little to no warning when one will hit. Give me a hurricane that will give me a week to prepare any day. I loved Twister when it came out 18 year ago and I heard the rumblings that this was going to be “Twister 2”. I’m here to tell you what it really was.


We are quickly thrown into a story of a high school graduation and a time capsule project that is in the works. All of the students and even the faculty of the school are creating video time capsules for themselves so that they can watch them in the future. We also meet a crazed storm chaser named Pete (Matt Walsh) that is obsessed with finding the elusive F5 tornado. He has his team of crazy people that help him chase after these storms. His main source of intelligence is Allison (Sarah Wayne Callie). She has gone to school for meteorology and she advises them where they should go if they want to get in the way of a giant tornado. The problem is, she has been wrong most of the time. The crew travels around in an indestructible titus tank that will enable them to film a tornado while it passes directly over them.

The storyline breaks down into two angles. The crew of storm chasers and a father named Gary (Richard Armitage) and his sons. The storm chasers are trying to get to the tornadoes while Gary and his sons (and the rest of the town) are trying to escape. The story is as “paint by numbers” as you can get. When you expect the obvious to happen, the obvious will indeed happen. One of the sons goes off on his own while trying to help a girl from school with her own project. Without me saying another word you already know what is going to happen. The same can be said about the storm chasers. Allison has been wrong so many times that she is bound to be right one of these days, right?

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Into the Storm is lacking in nearly every area that would make you want to see a movie. The storyline is bland and as about as uncreative as you can get. The characters are mostly unimportant and I didn’t care about what could possibly happen to them. There was nothing there are far as the story line that made me care about them. In one scene as a tornado is bearing down a group of people and all I could think about was the fact that I didn’t care whether they survived or not. If there is one decent part of the movie, it is the special effects. In particular, I was pretty impressed by the final scene. Sadly it was not nearly enough to save this movie. Into the Storm is a disaster alright. Just not a disaster movie.

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