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Steve Says Need For Speed Is A Good Buy On Bluray

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Hey all – Steve here. This is the review for Need For Speed on bluray. First you will find my review for the film, followed by the additional features that you will find when you make the decision to purchase this bad boy. Remember. Movie review is first and everything else comes after. Enjoy!

For those of you waiting to see what Aaron Paul was going to do with his life after Breaking Bad, you must wait no longer. In his first major movie since the series ended, Paul stars in a movie about fast cars and true friendship. For the most part, you should leave your expectations at the door and be prepared for something you didn’t expect.


Based on the best selling car racing video game, Need For Speed features a group of friends that is led by Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul). Together they own a mechanic shop that they are severely behind on when it comes to paying the rent. The story follows the expectation that most people will do whatever it takes and risk certain things in order to keep what is most important to them. Tobey takes a lot of risks along the way and ends up in jail because of one very big risk.

The Need For Speed story is a weird one in it that it is pretty predictable, but it remains equally entertaining. Part of the predictability of the story are the drag races and pretty women and goofy friends that will make you laugh. Keep an eye out for the nude scene. Sorry guys, there are no ladies involved, but it is hilarious nonetheless. Oh and by the way, Michael Keaton is hilarious in this one.

need for speed movie trailer

At the start of this review I told you to leave your expectations at the door and be prepared for something you didn’t expect. That is because I did not expect to be as entertained as I was while watching Need For Speed. I wanted it to be good because I wanted Aaron Paul to do well as he broke out of the Breaking Bad shadow. It was and he did. Go see this one and have some fun.

Final Word – 3 Stars

Now let’s take a stroll through the bluray. First off, the movie is worth seeing, so you should go pick it up. Then add in all of these great extras that you will be able to check out after watching the movie on bluray. It is a no-brainer:


It wouldn’t be a bluray movie if the video wasn’t as crisp as it was. Think about how great it will be to watch the out of control racing scenes in 1080p! The paint on the cars looks so brilliant that you feel as though you can reach out and touch it.


Also flawless. If you close your eyes and use your imagination while simply listening you will be able to see yourself racing like a maniac in that bad ass muscle car.

Capturing Speed: Making an authentic car movie

If you liked the movie or wanted to see it badly enough then you will love this extra. Ever wonder what is going on behind the scenes? Ever wonder how they get the shots they do in movies in which cars are driving all over the place? Well here is your chance. This should be your first stop on the highway that is known as the bluray extras.

Ties that bind

Here is another one that should capture your interests. How do they nail these stunts? You will be able to see it all right here! Just don’t try any of it at home!

Monarch and Maverick outakes

You will find out who these guys are in the movie. Trust me you will want to check this one out.

The sound of Need For Speed

If you are a fan of movie soundtracks and sounds that go into making the actual film, then this one will be for you.