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Steve Says There’s Nothing Golden About McConaughey’s GOLD

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First it was Fool’s Gold and now it’s just plain Gold. Matthew McConaughey is back in another lead role, this time playing Kenny Wells – a desperate prospector looking to catch a break and strike it rich. The question that you have to ask yourself heading into this movie is this – is everything Matthew McConaughey makes worth watching? Let’s answer that, shall we?


This one is inspired by a true story. Craig T. Nelson plays McConaughey’s father who owns the company and then we learn that he dies a short time after we first meet him. He passes on his knowledge and a deep love for the business that he ran. By the time the movie resumes (7 years later) the country is in a recession and commodities trading is in the toilet. Nothing is going right for Wells – that is until he has this dream. The dream takes place in Indonesia and of course his next logical step is to sell as much stuff as possible and get on a plane. That includes some jewelry that belonged to his girlfriend, Kay (Bryce Dallas Howard).


Once in the jungles of Indonesia, we get a closer look at Wells’ new partner, Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez). Together they march on trying to find some gold. It’s obviously a rough time when you are searching for gold and it’s just not happening and now…boom, you get hit with malaria. Yup, that is exactly what happens to Wells. He’s a fighter and fight off malaria he will. Who knows? Maybe he will wake up to the surprise of a lifetime. Or not. I’m not spoiling this bad boy for you. Just know that the story is just beginning at that point and it is one hell of a story.


Now, just because something is a good story doesn’t mean that it will make for a good movie. If the story is good, but the writing is bad then…well, the writing is bad and the movie is likely to be bad. It really doesn’t matter who you’ve got in the movie – it all starts with the writing. Forget the fact that some of the stuff in this one is just outlandish (remember the tiger) because it is inspired by a true story and you can’t hold the writers accountable for that. John Zinman and Patrick Massett are partly to blame for this one as the writers and Stephan Gaghan (pretending to be a director) is to blame for the rest of the shenanigans. McConaughey does an alright (alright alright) job, but it just doesn’t feel as if his heart is in this one. If the actors heart isn’t completely in it and the writers and directors did what they did to this one, then you shouldn’t have to sit through it. I should. On behalf of you. Stay away from this one if you value your time and money.

Oh and ladies, don’t just see this one for McConaughey. He’s fat and bald.

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