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Scott’s Top 10 Films of 2012

Hey folks.  Scott here.  So here we are again.  We made it.  Those Mayans were ready to usher us off the planet and instead we are back with another yearly entry in my top ten best movies of 2012  I am going to preface this list by letting everyone know that I have not seen Zero Dark Thirty.  I missed the screening last week and the next one is on January 3rd.  So, I figured instead of giving you a really late “best of” list, I would carry on like the soldier that I am.  So here we go, these are my top 10 movies of 2012.  The ten movies below aren’t necessarily the best written,produced,acted, or directed movies this year, they simply entertained me or struck a chord with me long enough to make the final cut.  What do you think? What movies would you add or subtract?

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The Dark Knight Trilogy: Book Review

By Brian Peterson

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Fifteen years ago the Batman franchise was pronounced dead on arrival thanks largely in part to Joel Schumacher’s “Batman and Robin” seppuku that banished Bruce Wayne and his alter ego to languish in pop icon purgatory.  The Caped Crusader was officially deceased, needing more than the rejuvenating effects of a Ra’s al Ghul Lazarus Pit to restore the decommissioned hero back to motion picture prominence.  Enter writer, producer, director and resurrector Christopher Nolan, who in 2005, brought the bat back from the brink with “Batman Begins,” an origin tale steeped in a gritty sense of realism that forever altered the way in which superhero movies were told.  In 2008, Nolan would go on to legendize the franchise in “The Dark Knight,” a sequel to Batman Begins that pitted Christian Bale’s Batman against Heath Ledger’s Joker in an all out war for the heart and soul of Gotham City.   Finally in 2012, Batman was cast out of the shadows in “The Dark Knight Rises,” thanks largely in part to Tom Hardy’s masked terrorist Bane whose weaponized ambitions threatened to baptize Gothamites in a radioactive snowfall of post nuclear soot and ash.  If the Dark Knight saga alchemized you into a believer in Christopher Nolan, then consider making Opus Publishing’s “The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays with Selected Storyboards” your Batman bible.

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