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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 12/20/12

Hey everyone – Steve here. This was all set to go up yesterday (Hump Day), but apparently a greater power didn’t want it to go live. So, here we are with a Hump Day article being posted on a Thursday. What can ya do?

So, I’m gone for a couple of weeks and Scott renames my article to include “stuff”. I see how it is! Actually, I like it a lot. It gives me a little more room to maneuver for the tremendously successful weekly article. Of course when I say tremendously successful, I’m speaking about the 7 or 8 people who read it every week. Thanks again to you guys and we hope to get it to 10 this week.


Marlins at it again

by Steve Farace

This really should come as no surprise, should it? I mean the fact that a franchise such as the Miami Marlins could betray their fans again didn’t shock anyone, did it? If it did, shame on you! Last off-season the Marlins were setting up deals all over the place. They were in on Reyes and Pujols and CJ Wilson. They were talking to Buehrle and working on a deal for Carlos Zambrano. Then, just as this season was coming to a close, they were going to be taking Alex Rodriguez off of the Yankees hands.

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Bobby V being Bobby V

by Steve Farace

Bobby Valentine has been known to try to shake things up any way possible. He has called out players and he has returned to the dugout in disguise after being thrown out of a ballgame by an umpire. Sometimes a manager has to and should call out their players like Valentine did on Sunday. Kevin Youkilis has been struggling for the better part of a year now and Bobby Valentine decided that now was the time to call him out. So what?!?

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