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Coaches Corner – 12/26/12

My two minute warning

I can never support a player that beats his own mother but Dez Bryant is playing like a super star over the last month of the season. If Bryant beat his mom the way he’s beating opposing defenses, he belongs in prison and the Pro Bowl!!

If Mark Sanchez told Rex Ryan that since he wasn’t starting he didn’t want to be included in any snaps or special packages, he would have been crucified. But Tim Tebow quits on his team and basically gets a pass from the general public.

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Coaches Corner – 12/4/12

By Yankee Todd

My 2 minute warning

Here’s my take on the BCS-

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Northern Illinois didn’t create the rules, they just played by them. While I don’t think they deserve to play in a BCS game, I will be rooting for them against Florida State.

Wisconsin has 5 loses and they are in the Rose Bowl. Texas A&M lost to Florida and LSU. They deserve a BCS game more than Wisconsin. Georgia was five yards away from playing for a national championship and a five loss Wisconsin is in a BCS and not Georgia? Where is that outrage?

Louisville doesn’t belong in the BCS. Syracuse beat them.

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Coaches Corner – 4/18/12

By Yankee Todd

For about 44 minutes, Carmelo Anthony was the best player on the court against the Miami Heat. Yes, I said it. He was the best player on the court. Even though the Knicks lost, I still think he is as good, if not better right now than D Wade or Lebron.

Playing in what could be a playoff matchup, the Knicks battled the Heat to the very end. The Knicks home winning streak was snapped and the Heat’s Big Three played good enough to win.

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Coaches Corner – 4/7/12

by Yankee Todd,

A real man would never eat, nor order boneless chicken wings.

The other day, while on lunch duty at our high school where we both work, One Office Down and I were discussing Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.  I swore that I had seen him play recently for someone in the NBA.

I was wrong but when I Googled his name but discovered a fascinating article about “Penny” that gave me a new found respect for the former NBA star.

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Coaches Corner – 3/29/12

by Yankee Todd

The NCAA tournament is filled with many memories.  One Shining Moment is the perfect song for the tournament.  Can you believe that it has been 20 years since Christian Laettner hit his miracle shot to defeat Kentucky in the tourney?

The game couldn’t have had more twists and turns.  Overtime.  A chance to go to the Final Four.  Two legendary coaches in Mike Krzyzewski and Rick Pitino matching wits.  Five lead changes in the last 30 seconds of overtime.

With 2.1 seconds left, Kentucky scored to make it 103-102.

The rest is history.

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