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The 2019 World Series Match up.

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The 2019 World Series

      The 2019 MLB Season was one for the books. It had so many great seasons for various players and teams from both leagues. Some teams started slow and came on like a hurricane. Other started fast and flamed out. What we all thought would happen in the end definitely didn’t. Some big name teams fell short of expectations. Such as The Los Angeles  Dodgers and New York Yankees. Both of the these two team expect to win the World Series. They both fell short of that goal once again. 

 After a couple surprises by the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals in the divisional round they both play for a spot in the World Series representing the National League. Bolstered from great pitching from Sherzer, and Strasburg, the Nationals ran over the Cardinals. This is probably the biggest surprise in the MLB Playoffs. Remember they had to comeback in the 8th inning vs Milwaukee Brewers in the Wild Card game just to get into the next round. They have been playing great ball at the most important time of the year.

In the American League Playoffs, things have pretty much held to form. The Houston Astros struggled with the Tampa Bay Rays but won out in the end. The match up everyone was looking forward to were the two teams with the best records in the MLB. The Bronx Bombers vs the starting pitching of the Astros. After a game one misstep, the Astros took care of the hapless Yankees. They did make the final game exciting with a couple game typing and winning two run homers late in the game. The Astros would come out on top with a walk off homer by Jose Altuve.

 The World Series match up is set. The Houston  Astros vs Washington Nationals. The favorites vs the underdogs. Arguably the two best pitching staffs in baseball. Both teams will be hard pressed to score runs. With plenty of Cy Young Award winners between the two,I feel the Astros have more ways they can score than the Nationals. They will take what you give them. Walks and singles are welcome but they can also hit the long ball. I feel the Astros will win in five because they will score just enough each game to win and their pitching staff will stifle the Nats. Enjoy baseball fans, this is all we have left in the 2019 MLB Season

Dan Skip Allen