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The Put it in the Books Show

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Steve Farace is a life-long Mets fan who bleeds orange and blue. Former high school/college player and local Brooklyn kid, he knows the game inside and out. He has turned his vast knowledge into a respected and esteemed voice in sports media. 

Keith Lares grew up in Queens and was attending Mets games as soon as he could walk. Surrounded by a family of Mets supporters, there is no one on the planet who loves the Mets more. A straight shooter who wears his Mets heart on his sleeve, he never disappoints with his witty commentary and outrageous observations.

Steve Rodriguez has taken a lifetime of baseball love and has poured it into his beloved Mets. Growing up in Brooklyn as a Mets fan has afforded him the insight to provide a critical and often hard-nosed view into all Mets transactions. The truth can sometimes be harsh but “Lets Go Mets” is always in his heart. 

Bringing this knowledge and passion to the sports media market, THE PIITB SHOW will entertain and educate. Be ready for a show that will make you cry with laughter and give you the ‘water cooler talk’ every sports fan will thirst for. All of it comes to you live from Studio 5!