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The Sportz Nutt Contemplates LeBron Becoming a 76er in 2018

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I will admit that this article will have lost some of its luster, because, as time has progressed, some have been making the same claim. I had this idea back in either May or June, as I was driving and listening to SiriusXM NBA Radio, listening to Justin Terminie and Eddie Johnson discuss the future of LeBron post NBA Finals. They were talking about how the Cavs needed to retool and add to what they already have in order to beat the Warriors, and then I came up with the idea:

Check that date for reference……..just saying:)

Anyways, I’m calling it, right here, right now:

After this season, LeBron James is joining the Philadelphia 76ers.

And it makes perfect sense for many reasons.

1) In Philadelphia, he won’t have to be the minutes leader that he is right now. The support around him will be hungry and plentiful. Embiid, Simmons, Saric and Fultz will all be young and wanting to win. They’re an athletic group that can spread the ball and create open looks.

2) The 76ers have a lot of cap space. As of now, they have $18 million committed to next season, with many team options available, leaving a TON of room to sign LeBron.

3) It’s in the East, and while most of the talent is out West right now, all it takes is one great team to make it to the Finals, and this could be it.

4) The Cavs are not being run right as of now. New GM, owner in disarray, players turning down opportunities to be GM….it’s a mess.

5) The impending cap space leaves open room to sign more than just LeBron. The 76ers will need veteran leadership, and while LeBron is a great start, so would the possibility of a bought out Carmelo, or how about his friend CP3, who is also a free agent and who could struggle playing with Harden…..okay #5 is a stretch, but keep in mind, people will flock for the chance to play with LeBron and possibly win a title.

6) LeBron has already begun working out with some of the 76ers, leaving some to speculate why.

So what do you think about all of this? Am I making a good assumption/prediction here, or is this all for not? Is he staying Cleveland? Going back to Miami? Joining the Warriors? Hahah

And there you have it.