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The Sportz Nutt Has Some Laughs At The Expense Of The Colts

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On Sunday night, the Colts attempted what is arguably the worst special teams play in NFL history:

Not enough linemen, punter wasn’t behind the ball, snap was botched…..UGLY! That said, is this the worst play in the history of sports? I can’t think of anything worse, but, why don’t we go youtubing? I’m going to search for the worst football plays and see if we find something that tops it:

This also happened on the weekend. Poor snapper/punter. All he has to do is kick it….even if it’s on the ground, just kick it forward….no? However, this wasn’t deigned to do anything, just a mistake.

All you have to do is complete a 10 yard pass….you throw it 8…..brutal, but not quite as bad as the Colts IMO.

I had to laugh here….he’s so darn stiff, puts the ball behind his back, and then starts to run….did he honestly think he would progress forward at all?

Hahaha I had forgotten about this….again though, doesn’t he need to have a certain number of linemen? And it’s still picked off and almost returned to the house… takes awhile for us to forget the really dark Redskin years.

Anyone pick him as a future QB in their fantasy leagues after this game? He didn’t look nervous at all!

Sooo, after having watched everything above, is the Colts’ fake the worst special teams play in NFL history?