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The Sportz Nutt Reveals His Top 10 Rasslin’ Theme Songs

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You know, in professional wrestling, errr I mean sports entertainment, one of the best things a company can do is give a superstar an exciting theme song for his/her entrance. It has to evoke a certain sense of feeling and individualism that gets deep inside the fans, and create emotional attachment towards the person making their entrance/exit. One problem I have with TNA is that many of their theme songs seem monotone and uneventful in that there isn’t anything memorable about them. WWE has it right, as they begin with an explosive first few seconds, and then deliver a song that displays the personality of those entering the WWE Universe on a given night. Here are my Top 10 Wrestling/Sports Entertainment Theme Songs of All-Time, from any and all feds.

NOTE – There are some that I particularly enjoy today, but they’re early in their existence, and I don’t want to proclaim them as my favourites of all-time. There were some that also just missed the cut too. I love the Wyatt’s theme song, and Santino’s theme song, but ultimately, they were left off.

#10:       Mr. Perfect

Simply perfect, the music gave me the impression that this man was just that. It built up a level of excellence and prestige like no other. Cue in the gum swat, and you had one of the greatest superstars ever.

#9:          Sheamus

Love this, especially with the music to start the song. I was a fan of his right away, and don’t necessarily mind him as a badass, but prefer him heel, as this song evokes a sense of “I Don’t Care About You”-itis.

#8:          Jerry “The King” Lawler

I realize this is actually “The Great Gate of Kiev”, however, it is still a phenomenal entrance song in my opinion, which undoubtedly exhibits Jerry’s “royalty”.

7:            Goldust

This also has to do with the way the screen changes into a widescreen format, and the entrance by the superstar himself. However, to me it helps get across the point that while he is a Hollywood superstar, he’s also quite devious with a troubled past. Brilliant.

6:            nWo

I still remember getting chills back in the day whenever I heard this… knew something big was about to happen. You felt like something cool was going to take place as well. These men were the talk of the town back then and almost singlehandedly put WCW on the map.

5:            Goldberg

From the escorted entrance, to the fireworks, to the snorting of smoke, Goldberg was the man, and he played the part perfectly. The music gave the impression and buildup of intensity and force that should not be reckoned with.

4:            Kane

It was a tough call for me to decide which theme song to put here, but I ultimately went with the current one. The deciding factor was the screaming near the beginning, as it truly displays the utter torment he has experienced his entire life. Kane is one of my all-time favourite superstars.

3:            Undertaker

Probably the GREATEST in-ring entrance the WWE has ever created. I’ve seen it live once, and it is almost worth the price of admission.

2:            CM Punk

I still mark out, face or heel, when I hear this theme song. This guy is the man, and truly is the best in the world. Still wish he was a Paul Heyman Guy, but that’s for after Wrestlemania. For now, let’s enjoy him as the good guy.

1:            Edge

I actually find myself singing this song sometimes. It is an amazing song, and ALWAYS gets me pumped up. It has to be my #1, and probably will be so for quite some time. In fact, as I finished typing what I wanted to say, I still had four minutes left in the video. I will now sit here and listen to the rest.

And there you have it.