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The Sportz Nutt Says He Sucks At Fantasy Football In 2017!

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It’s embarrassing how BAD I am at fantasy football this year.

Now, as mentioned previously, I haven’t watched as much football as I usually do because of licensing rights in Canada…..but that’s NO EXCUSE. Why?

1) I didn’t watch a lot of baseball this season, yet in two money leagues where I have teams, I finished 2nd and 6th, and the 6th place team is a total rebuild dynasty where I’m on the upswing.

2) I listen to podcasts at the gym…..daily.

3) I read articles at the gym…….daily.

4) I am winning money playing daily fantasy football on Draftkings….not a lot, but I don’t bet a lot, and yet I’m in the money there.

Yet, in the CineSportsTalk league, I am pathetic. No, wait, I strive to be pathetic, I am Arizona Cardinal-esque this season. Beyond hope.

The worst part is, when the draft was happening, I actually liked my team:

QB – Brees, Big Ben

RB – D. Murray, Hyde

Flex – Ty Mont

WR – Julio, Cooper

TE – D. Walker

DST – Arizona

K – Lutz

And my bench was filled with handcuffs and options galore.

10 team, non-PPR

QB – Brees has been good, not great, and Big Ben has contemplated retirement.

RB – Murray has had one good game (where he rode the bench for me), Hyde has been solid and Ty Mont has been hurt. I have a lot of bench RB.

WR – Julio has been great, but not elite, while Cooper has dropped more passes than he’s caught (seemingly) and now has no QB to play with.

TE – Walker has ben non-existent, much like the entire Titans’ offense.

DST – The Cardinals look average at best this season, and that doesn’t include the beat down at the hands of the Eagles.

K – an indoor kicker, he’ll probably get picked up by someone else before me.

I’ve embarrassed myself enough, so I won’t tell you my entire bench.

And there you have it. My “team”. Week 5 will see me lose by almost 100 points. I scored 35 total points this week….my opponent’s DST scored 26…..his Jaguars intercepted my QB 5 times. It’s been that kind of year.

No worries. I’m 1-4. I won’t give up (I won’t win either), but I don’t mind spoiling the celebration for others. I’ll scour the waiver wire and pick up players. I’ll play the matchups and, hell, I’ll try things that I’ve never tried before. Why? Because quitting is for losers! (someone said that somewhere, didn’t they?)

And besides…..there’s always the fantasy basketball league coming up……let’s just hope I hate my team at the draft!

And there you have it.