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The Sportz Nutt Says Warriors In 6

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I really don’t care what anyone says, I still think the Golden State Warriors are winning the NBA Championship again. They have the best starting 5 in the league with four of the top 20 players, they have an incredible coach who developed an almost perfect system, and they have the experience and know how to do it.

There. Done and done.

Wait a minute, if this is the truth, then why are we going to play out the rest of the season and playoffs? Simple…..anything can happen. I’ve been wrong before and I could be wrong again. Taking a page out of OJ Simpson’s book, let’s get hypothetical for a moment and think outside the box of what COULD happen, assuming the Warriors somehow forget how to shoot, play suffocating defense and collapse. Assuming that happens, let’s see which team can dethrone them. In no particular order:Houston

Houston Rockets

The only team that has a better record than the Warriors, the Rockets have been nothing short of amazing all season. James Harden has shot himself to the front of the MVP race (yet again), and has helped carry this team into the elite faction of the league. Chris Paul has paired perfectly with him and has taken some of the pressure off of him…..which may help come playoff time when he would normally become exhausted. They have a plethora of 3 point shooters who can hit the open shot once their ball handlers get doubled or attacked. It’s a great system and D’Antoni has them ready for the playoffs…..except that come the playoffs, that’s when all of your deficiencies get magnified and the defense can gameplan. It’s hard to beat any team 4 out of 7 times, and once we get to the Finals, the Warriors will have too much elite talent to overcome the outside playing.

Boston Celtics

This one depends on where the Cavs land in the standings. Coached by the league’s 2nd best coach, the Celtics have so much young talent, it’s almost stupid. That said, this will be their major downfall, as what usually happens is these rookies come out strong, they fly all over the place, but once the wear and tear of a season hits them, they slowly start to fizzle. Such is the case of the Celtics who have struggled as of late and haven’t been up to par with their former selves. On top of all that, injuries are starting to mount and this could cause them to NOT be in 1st come playoffs, meaning they’ll be traveling for their potential Eastern Conference Finals game at Toronto…..I said potentially because……

Cleveland Cavaliers

Sure they’re struggling and sure they’re not winning against average teams, but A) they have LeBron James, the greatest player of all-time, who has been to more Eastern Conference Finals than most and B) they haven’t had Kevin Love healthy for long enough to see what’s what. bring him and his 20PPG back and it’s a whole other story…..well that and a playoff hungry LeBron, who has been out of this world the past few seasons in the playoffs. Some would say that he’s been playing the best basketball of his career this season, and it’s hard to argue. Will the Cavs advance to the Finals again? I’d say they have a better shot than the Celtics, but it’ll be tough to pass the……..

Toronto Raptors

Canada’s and basketball’s best kep secret, only recently have people been paying the Raptors some respect. They’re winning consistently and doing so with ease, as only the Rockets are beating their opponents by more. On top of that, DeRozan has enhanced his playmaking ability by distributing the ball more, Lowry understands his role is second fiddle (but a damn good one), and the bench has delivered in ways unexpectedly positive. If you haven’t had a chance to watch them, no worries….you’ll probably be seeing them in the Eastern Conference and NBA Finals this year.

Portland Trailblazers

This one is a long shot, but if there’s one team that has given the Warriors trouble over the years, it’s this one. For some reason, especially in Portland, the Blazers seem to do well and have won more often than most. Damain Lillard is an elite PG, and his partner in crime, CJ McCollum, is as good as Klay. That said, there’s where the matchups g astray because they can’t match-up well with Durant and Draymond. As I said, a long shot.

So there you have it. Do any of the teams above give you the confidence needed to win a 7 game series? Not here, as they all have their problems, either from years past or current season. Plus, to beat one of the greatest teams of all-time in 7 games is nearly impossible, unless there’s an injury to one of them. I still say Warriors in 6, no matter the opponent.

And there you have it.