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Tim Tabala

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Tim Tabala – Co-host of The We Stomped You Out Show, Co-host of The Just 2 Sweet Show on The CineSportsTalk Radio Network

Greetings! My name is Tim Tabala. I’ve spent most of my life in Queens NY where I currently reside. I am a fan of the New York Yankees, the New York Football Giants, The New York Rangers, and the Boston Celtics (how did that happen you ask? Blame my father and the 1984 NBA Finals). I’m also a massive Star Wars nerd and will defend it till the day I die. I love movies and pro wrestling. I’ve been watching Wrestling as long as I can remember. My grandmother of all people had me watching The Moon Dogs (Google them) and The Wild Samoans at an early age and it never went away from me. The Macho Man Randy Savage became my favorite wrestler the day he debuted in the WWF and that love has never gone away. Maybe I’ll show you my tattoo if you ask me nicely. Oh yeah, tattoos, I have a lot. Too many to count.