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Top 100 NBA Players 2019-2020

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by Kyle Arango

The NBA season is here and the best sport in the world is ready for an electric season. With so many major players changing teams over the summer, we are in for one of the better seasons in recent memory. There is no clear-cut favorite and I cannot wait for it to start. With that said, who is the best player in the NBA? How about the 100 best? We came together to decide and by we, I mean only me so here are the top 100 NBA players going into the 2019 season.

100. Darius Garland

99. Boban Marjanovic

98. Serge Ibaka

97. RJ Barrett

96. TJ Warren

95. Eric Gordon

94. Myles Turner

93. Bam Adebayo

92. Mo Bamba

91. Fred VanVleet

90. Danny Green

89. Ricky Rubio

88. JJ Reddick

87. Brandon Ingram

86. Jonathan Isaac

85. Marcus Morris

84. Dennis Smith Jr.

83. Derrick Rose

82. Domantas Sabonis

81. Ja Morant

80. Marvin Bagley III

79. Justise Winslow

78. PJ Tucker

77. Andre Iguodala

76. Derrick Favors

75. Marcus Smart

74. Terry Rozier

73. Marc Gasol

72. Gary Harris

71. Steven Adams

70. Jusuf Nurkic

69. Evan Fournier

68. Malcolm Brogdon

67. Gordon Hayward

66. Patrick Beverley

65. Jaylen Brown

64. Montrezl Harrell

63. DeAndre Ayton

62. Julius Randle

61. Eric Bledsoe

60. Clint Capela

59. Bojan Bogdanovic

58. Brook Lopez

57. Harrison Barnes

56. Paul Millsap

55. Andrew Wiggins

54. Goran Dragic

53. Buddy Hield

52. Kyle Kuzma

51. Jayson Tatum

50. Aaron Gordon

49. Mike Conley

48. Kevin Love

47. De’Aaron Fox

46. DeMarcus Cousins

45. John Wall

44. Jrue Holiday

43. Jamal Murray

42. Andre Drummond

41. Zion Williamson

40. Trae Young

39. Lou Williams

38. Pascal Siakam

37. Rudy Gobert

36. Kristaps Porzingis

35. Khris Middleton

34. Draymond Green

33. Al Horford

32. Kyle Lowry

31. Chris Paul

30. Tobias Harris

29. Devin Booker

28. Karl-Anthony Towns

27. DeMar DeRozan

26. CJ McCollum

25. Donovan Mitchell

24. Victor Oladipo

23. Blake Griffin

22. D’Angelo Russell

21. Bradley Beal

20. Nikola Vucevic

19. Kemba Walker

18. Ben Simmons

17. LaMarcus Aldridge

16. Jimmy Butler

15. Klay Thompson

14. Luka Doncic

13. Kyrie Irving

12. Paul George

11. Russell Westbrook

10. Nikola Jokic

            Nikola Jokic comes into this season as a player with the most potential to work their way up this list. He is a big man who is a threat to put up a triple double every night and only seems to make his team better every single night. With his team barely losing in the second-round last season, don’t be surprised if Jokic leads his team to the finals this season.

9. Damian Lillard

            The ninth best player in the NBA might be the most likable in Damien Lillard. I think this guy has won the award for most underappreciated player in the NBA the past five years and he continues to be the favorite for that this season. He is a stone-cold killer who is committed to bringing Portland a championship. Problem is his team got no better this offseason so expect another tough season for the Blazers.

8. Joel Embiid

Nov 3, 2018; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid (21) reacts to a foul call during the third quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

            Joel Embiid comes in at number eight coming off his best season yet. The big man had a rocky start to his career being plagued by injuries but seems to have finally gotten those legs right. His conditioning is his only problem. He can shoot from three, defend all the bigs, and work underneath the basket, but can also sit out with tummy aches. All he is missing is for his team to step up and if Ben Simmons can hit his jump shots, watch out for the 76ers.

7. Anthony Davis

            Anthony Davis actually got his wish. He hated New Orleans and decided he wanted out with only one destination in mind, the Los Angeles Lakers. Davis sat out most of last year due to these trade demands, so he comes into this season pretty fresh although, he has never played a full season in his career. If him and Lebron can gel like they say they can, who can really stop them?

6. James Harden

            These next two are the ones I struggled with the most but ultimately decided to put James Harden at six. Realistically, he is one of the best scorers this league has ever seen, his problem is the postseason. Last year Harden went on a scoring streak that hasn’t been done since Wilt and he looks to improve upon that this year. You could tell his relationship with Chris Paul was fractured but now switching him out for Russell Westbrook, this team is going to have something big to prove. Hopefully Harden can get over his postseason woes and bring this team to the promised land.

5. Steph Curry

            Number five is the man who revolutionized how this game is played in Steph Curry. Steph comes into this season with a lot to prove. Not that he has anything to prove, he is a two-time MVP and three-time champion. Now that Durant is gone and Klay looks to be out until February at least, this is all on Steph and he seems ready for the challenge. Expect an MVP for Curry this year.

4. Kevin Durant

            I cannot stand this next player due to a multitude of reasons including attacking the press, his constant complaining, and bandwagon jumping, but I cannot deny the talent of Kevin Durant. When will this guy ever be happy? He is one of the best players this league has ever seen and has two championships. Yet he always is in a bad mood. He thought winning in Golden State would validate him and it didn’t. Now he is trying to prove himself again in Brooklyn. We will have to wait until next year to see if this experiment pays off with Durant’s torn Achilles, but when he does come back, look out.

3. LeBron James

            The king has finally been dethroned in the world of the NBA with Lebron James coming in at number three. There is no doubting James is on of the best players to ever exist. His dominance down low and court vision is unprecedented, and he continues to stay atop year after year. Last year however he did fall off after suffering his first major injury and the team basically giving up after that. Now he has a much better team coming in with Anthony Davis joining him. It is time for the king to get his crown back.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

            One of the guys standing in the way of Lebron and best player in the NBA is last year’s MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis had the best season of his career last year where he fully asserted himself as a dominant presence. His length is just unstoppable now that he knows how to use it and he is only getting better. He can get to the basket at will and defend better than most. If Giannis learns how to shoot consistently, we are talking about a player the league has never seen before.

  1. Kawhi Leonard

The number one player coming into the 2019-2020 season in the NBA is Kawhi Leonard. Is there really any debate as to who deserved this spot? This man has grabbed the league by the throat and basically forced them to do whatever he says. You want out of San Antonio? Sure, go have fun in Toronto. What did he do there? Just lead them to a championship and win finals MVP while taking down a dynasty. Then he pulls a power move telling the Clippers to trade their future away for Paul George and then only signs a two-year deal. The man is the best defender in the league and one of the most consistent scorers. He does all this without saying a word and the league should be terrified of a happy Kawhi.

Those are the top 100 players going into the 2019-2020 NBA season. Should be a fun one considering most of these players changed teams over the offseason and there is no clear-cut favorite to win the title. What does you list look like? Am I missing a player? Is one placed to high or low? Does Dwight Howard deserve a spot? Let me know below and happy NBA season everyone.