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Washington Nationals Preview

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The Nationals made themselves into a decent team this past offseason. They may have lost Adam Dunn, but they were able to sign the 2nd best outfielder available in free agency, Jason Werth. On a side note, does anyone out there think Werth looks like Edge from WWE? I’m just throwing that out there. They have a top 3 third baseman in Ryan Zimmerman and verteran Adam LaRoche is in town to fill the void left by Dunn. They have an aging Pudge that can help with his veteran leadership to the young men that make up the rest of the team. Now, the rotation. Wait, the Phillies are pigs! The Nationals and Mets have almost no pitching and they have 4 aces. Am I jealous, no not at all. The Nats have a rotation that is started by 53 year old Livan Hernandez, who had a decent year last year and will be a .500 pitcher until he retires at age 78. Jason Marquis had a revival of sorts in Colorado and then was hurt last year. Jordan Zimmerman has awesome stuff but is coming off surgery and there is no reason to set any expectations on him this year. 

The Nationals will be fighting with the Mets and Marlins for 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Don’t be surprised if the Nats are the onces that finish 3rd in the division.