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What Just Happened: AEW Double or Nothing

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By David Joaqui,

All Elite Wrestling had their first official Pay Per View, Double or Nothing, this past weekend and it set the table for what the brand new wrestling promotion is bringing to the game. The show kicked off with a Battle Royal. The winner would be crowned the #1 contender for their World Championship. Hangman Adam Page got the final spot and was victorious, earning himself a match for the AEW World Championship against the winner between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. The PPV also highlighted Southern California Uncensored (SCU), many female superstars like Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Kylie Rae, and even wrestlers from Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE). Not to mention they unveiled their first title, the AEW World Championship.

Although many of the matches lacked a story-line, the quality of the wrestling made up for it. For those Being the Elite fans, the matches in which did have a story-line from their YouTube channel, delivered in all aspects. Cody vs. Dustin was everything you’d want in a match. It was brutal, emotional and compelling from start to finish. Seeing Dustin bleeding profusely was cringing, but so captivating because he never gave up; no matter how much blood was blinding him. The Young Bucks vs. the Lucha Bros was a masterpiece. The Bucks are some of the best sellers in the business, and they proved that even more during this match. Not only by how they would sell the Lucha Bros moves, but selling their “ring rust” as they’ve only wrestled twice the entire year compared to the Lucha Bros 60+.

The main event featured Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega, Alpha vs. Omega II. Their first encounter was must see PPV, and this was nothing short of that. Jericho avenged his loss to Omega in a high-flying barn burner and earned himself a spot against Hangman Adam Page to crown the first ever AEW World Champion, but it was what happened after the match that had everyone buzzing. Jericho was celebrating his victory over Omega, when out of the crowd appeared Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE. Moxley proceeded to attack Jericho, the referee and Omega. The crowd went ballistic as Moxley wreaked havoc all over the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

AEW made a huge statement to the wrestling world that they’ve arrived and aren’t shying away from anything or anyone. Although it was a great outing for their first PPV, until they prove that they can keep up the intensity and momentum on a weekly basis I’m not convinced they can topple WWE, and I think WWE sees it the same way. It’s a different ball game having to produce content on a weekly basis rather than a monthly or biweekly timetable. I’m hoping AEW can bring it to WWE because competition will produce the best out of these two powerhouses and the real winners out of all of this is us, the fans. Whether you hate or love any of these two companies, you should be rooting for both to succeed. I know I will be.