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What Just Happened: Jon Moxley

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by David Joaqui,

The biggest news from the last month in the wrestling world was Jon Moxley appearing at Double or Nothing and signing a multiyear deal with AEW. However, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose has not stopped making waves since. Moxley was recently on the Talk is Jericho podcast and he did not hold anything back. He began by telling Chris Jericho how this is the happiest he has ever been and thanked WWE for all they did for him, but then proceeded to let loose on what led to him leaving WWE.

Moxley spoke about the moment he knew he was done with WWE and the moment he almost took his ball and went home before his contract expired. He said he was fighting creative and Vince McMahon for 6 years, and it began to take its toll on him. He felt like they took wrestling away from him and started to dread his favorite part, promos.

The most noted promo he recalled, in which he almost walked out of WWE for, was one involving him being given shots by a doctor because he did not want to catch something from the fans. Moxley said that when he was originally handed the script there was a distasteful line regarding his real-life friend, Roman Reigns, who recently left to deal with his resurging leukemia. Moxley declined to say what the line was on the podcast, but said he told McMahon that he would not say it. Moxley did not stop there. He continued to say how the WWE creative process does not work and that “Vince’s way sucks.” As well as that there was no number that they could have thrown at him that would have made him stay.

The segment that Moxley almost walked out on WWE for.

As for what he wants from AEW, Moxley said he wants to be the best version of himself, with creative freedom, while making the business better and the fans happy. Lastly, he hoped that McMahon and WWE could see that their process doesn’t work and would hopefully listen to someone else’s ideas or become open to doing things a different way.

After hearing Moxley rant about WWE and his frustrations with McMahon and creative, I couldn’t blame him for wanting to get out of that situation. What he was dealing with on a weekly basis didn’t sound healthy. Much like him, I hope that AEW is able to make the business better and will even breed competition within the wrestling world. Moxley might go by another name now, but it’s definitely sure that he hasn’t lost his unhinged ways.

Update: Jon Moxley has won the IWGP U.S. Championship against Juice Robinson at the Best of the Super Juniors Finals. Moxley continues to make a splash all over different wrestling promotions and now has a championship title to his name.

Moxley’s next match will be at AEW Fyter Fest against Joey Janela on June 29th.